20th Anniversary of Soulcalibur Talk @Comic-Con

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By Party Wolf on Jul 9, 2016 at 7:07 PM
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    Comic-Con is taking place on July 21-24 in San Diego, California. Katsuhiro Harada, Michael Murray, and @MarkMan will be at the event to mainly discuss Tekken 7. However, during their segment on Friday, they will be talking about the Soulcalibur series due to the 20th anniversary of Soul Edge. Below is the information block taken directly from this link.

    It is worth noting that live streams and recordings are not allowed at the panels in general, so I am assuming that it is a private event. If anyone has a link to a Comic-Con live stream that shows off this particular block, then please provide it in the comments so that I can update the original post with it.

    Links to the twitter accounts of the above mentioned:
    Markman https://twitter.com/MarkMan23
    Katsuhiro Harada https://twitter.com/Harada_TEKKEN
    Michael Murray https://twitter.com/mykeryu
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Party Wolf, Jul 9, 2016.

    1. Nyte
      Fingers crossed for SCVI!
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    2. Talim JP
      Talim JP
    3. Party Wolf
      Party Wolf
      December 1995 makes it 20 years old. Namco probably did this last minute because they forgot they made fighting games that aren't Tekken.
    4. Evil_Zutus
      OMG, can't wait for their announcement of a commemoratory Soul Calibur DLC outfit for Yoshimitsu for Tekken 7.
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    5. linkorz
      not gonna lie sounds dope, yoshis outfit in T7 sux rn
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    6. JohnMcKee
      "For the 20th anniversary of Soulcalibur, you'll get costumes and equipment for Tekken 7. That's right! Your all-time favourite DLC costumes from the great Soulcalibur Lost Swords will be available* for Kazuya, Jin, Nina, and many others!

      *For a price of $9.99 per pack, each pack containing 2 to 3 pieces of equipment"
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    7. Kane
      well I am excite.
    8. Party Wolf
      Party Wolf
      Are you going to be there? Let us know what's up if you are
    9. Stryker
      I hope its something like and upgrade to SCV similar to "Broken Destiny"; All characters returning back(Rock, Mina, Zas, Cass, Taki, Sophi, Talim, Amy); a new CE and BE for each character; Kilik, Weapon Master and Elysium will be unique characters!

      PD: Returning Stages from SC3 would be awesome!
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    10. Nyte
      No, I do not want to see that POS come back. I'd rather have something completely new, with all the old characters back of course. I can't believe that after four years there are still people wanting a Super SCV.
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    11. Draggonnfs
      Well obviously I'd rather have a completely new game, but I like that idea as well. It would be something. And honestly, if anything, more SCV DLCs would be cool, we didn't really get that much stuff. But I doubt that they actually will do anything to SCV at this point, because it's old, hardly anyone still plays it online (at least on PSN) and who knows in how long PSN and Xbox live support for PS3 and X360 will stay before they shut down.
    12. JohnMcKee
      Nope nope nope. DLCs are a cancer to video game industry, an excuse for developpers to put less effort in the product they'll deliver in order to sell at the highest price something that should have been included in the first place.

      So DLCs for "special" costumes (like astronaut or whatever, things that don't fit the Soul universe much) are ok, but not to sell P1-P2 armours, etc. It should rather be a fan-service than a requirement.
    13. Draggonnfs
      I meant Downloadable content, which means stuff they add later, not Disc-locked content, like Dampierre and the music DLCs. So adding more equipment to CaS is what I mean.
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      Despite how flawed SCV is a game, it was still fun to play and had it's own strengths. I vastly preferred it over SCIV, despite the smaller moveset. But I have to agree with you in that it's been over four years. An update would be welcomed, but I prefer a new title.
    15. wataru
      SCV still has better netcode than teleport Fighter V.... give us something BAMCO! Even if it's a slap on the ass or dead or alive free to play dlc fighter... jesus take the money.
    16. wataru
    17. Kane
      I'm local enough, but won't be able to go ... passes are sold out and I would have to buy one off craigslist or some shit for like $300 ... which I can't afford to do this year l0l

      I'm sure rip and / or aris will be there though
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    18. Ryuhza
      Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
    19. Akilise
      Great timing cuz I'm gonna be at comic con this year. I can't miss this for sure yee. My home city :)
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