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  1. InfestedLoli

    InfestedLoli [09] Warrior

    "After fireroses whined for 2o81273123 hours about no one giving her Ivy pics"

    [fireroses] 10:55 pm: still wants Ivy pics.
    [Krit] 10:56 pm: HEY FIREROSES
    [Krit] 10:56 pm: THERE'S THIS THING
    [Krit] 10:56 pm: CALLED GOOGLE
    [Krit] 10:56 pm: IT HAS PICTURES
    [Kenjitsu_Hokori] 10:56 pm: no no.....
    [DivineChaos97] 10:56 pm: no wai
    [Kenjitsu_Hokori] 10:56 pm: i hate mitsu's voice tho i lol when i hear it
    [genver] 10:56 pm: you gatdamn hater, krit... i 3 you
    [Kenjitsu_Hokori] 10:56 pm: all right all right HISATS!
    [Krit] 10:56 pm: AND IF YOU ARE TOO LAZY
    [Shenrei] 10:56 pm: mitsus voice is awesome
    [Shenrei] 10:56 pm: especially when he taunts
    [fireroses] 10:56 pm: I'm lazy to do it!!!!!!
    [DivineChaos97] 10:56 pm: Sieg Rp
    [DivineChaos97] 10:57 pm: RO*
    [soakrates] 10:57 pm: ALRIGHT
    [TagYouRPregnant] 10:57 pm: STFU
    [Krit] 10:57 pm: SO STFU
    [soakrates] 10:57 pm: PLAYTIME'S OVER
    [Kenjitsu_Hokori] 10:57 pm: plus cass voice makes me rage sometimes xD
    [genver] 10:57 pm: ALRIGHT
    [Krit] 10:57 pm: lol Tag don't hurt me.
    [genver] 10:57 pm: ALRIGHT
    [TagYouRPregnant] 10:57 pm: high fives krit
    [genver] 10:57 pm: ALRIGHT
    [fireroses] 10:57 pm: is so sad.
    [soakrates] 10:57 pm: man Fei Long looks awesome in SF4
    [soakrates] 10:57 pm: super fast dash
    [Krit] 10:57 pm: Oh sweet
    [soakrates] 10:57 pm: and a command throw
    [ShardZ] 10:57 pm: damn krit.
    [ShardZ] 10:57 pm: U GO
    [Shenrei] 10:57 pm: ONE TWO THREE
    [ShardZ] 10:57 pm: lol
    [Krit] 10:57 pm: Fuck yeah Seaking
    [emo_prinny] 10:57 pm: Krit
    [genver] 10:57 pm: krit
    [emo_prinny] 10:57 pm: U GO GIRL
    [ShardZ] 10:57 pm: FUCK YEAH
    [fireroses] 10:57 pm: sniffles.
    [genver] 10:57 pm: U GO GIRL
    [genver] 10:58 pm: AW YOU BEAT ME SASUKE
    [eltoshan] 10:58 pm: lol three two dagger move
    [emo_prinny] 10:58 pm: Yeah Yeah Baby Girl
    [Krit] 10:58 pm: Man the fuck up, Fireroses.
    [fireroses] 10:58 pm: cries once again.
    [Shenrei] 10:58 pm: what does voldo sound like in japanese
    [eltoshan] 10:58 pm: what's fireroses crying about?
    [DivineChaos97] 10:58 pm: Ok forget this
    [fireroses] 10:58 pm: :cry:
    [Krit] 10:58 pm: Oh please.
    [DivineChaos97] 10:58 pm: im picking the Egyptian cage from now on
    [genver] 10:58 pm: :clap:
    [Krit] 10:58 pm: Go munch a carpet and pretend it's Ivy
    [Krit] 10:59 pm: It'll make you feel better.
    [DivineChaos97] 10:59 pm: LOL
    [genver] 10:59 pm: :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
    [genver] 10:59 pm: whao
    [fireroses] 10:59 pm: is sad.
    [ShardZ] 10:59 pm: is entertained
    [genver] 10:59 pm: :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
    [DivineChaos97] 10:59 pm: Krit is mah hero
    [genver] 10:59 pm: moar pls
    [fireroses] 10:59 pm: That's hurting Ivy and my feelings.
    [DivineChaos97] 10:59 pm: CRI MOAR roses
    [DivineChaos97] 10:59 pm: i need entertainment
    [Krit] 11:00 pm: Ivy is man enough to take it.
    [fireroses] 11:00 pm: cries out loud.
    [soakrates] 11:00 pm: Krit is spitting hot fiyah
    [ShardZ] 11:00 pm: ivy IS a man
    [Krit] 11:00 pm: So be like Ivy and man up.
    [genver] 11:00 pm: thinks this should go into FC logs.
    [fireroses] 11:00 pm: =(
    [ShardZ] 11:00 pm: post-op tho
    [Kenjitsu_Hokori] 11:00 pm: voldo voice doesnt change
    [Krit] 11:00 pm: Do it.
    [fireroses] 11:00 pm: That's mean.
    [Krit] 11:00 pm: Let it be known.
    [fireroses] 11:01 pm: :cry:

    [Krit] 12:09 am: fireroses needs to stfu
    [Krit] 12:09 am: As Kowtow would say to my dear friend Jspin.
    [Krit] 12:09 am: "You're 12. Shut the fuck up."
    [DivineChaos97] 12:09 am: Lol
    [Krit] 12:09 am: Or something along those lines.
    [Alythe] 12:09 am: lol?
    [ShardZ] 12:09 am: there's nothing wrong with fapping to ivy tits
    [ShardZ] 12:09 am: hahaha, he does say that.
  2. ShadowFox

    ShadowFox [09] Warrior

    Because you wont have sex with him? Go fix that shit woman(girl)
  3. Krit

    Krit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    fc is srs bsns?
  4. OuTk@sT

    OuTk@sT [01] Neophyte

    Hey Serge...

  5. KITastrophe

    KITastrophe [09] Warrior

    LOL next time i will not leave my computer unlocked near serge...lol sorry there all..
  6. Soupy

    Soupy [09] Warrior

    [Demarcus] 11:31 am: Rawr
    [mikosu] 11:31 am: DK had to get me everything on the dollar menu to get at dis
    [Alex.J] 11:32 am: thats pretty easy
    [Spman] 11:32 am: -_- is just a dirty guy
    [Demarcus] 11:32 am: who else would "Stephanie" be
    [Demarcus] 11:32 am: who gives a guy that name
    [Spman] 11:32 am: would have sex with any girl
    [mikosu] 11:32 am: if u saw the msgs he sent to emo....
    [Spman] 11:32 am: stephanie is a girl
    [Krit] 11:32 am: He started talking to me.
    [mikosu] 11:32 am: yea......
    [Krit] 11:33 am: And within 5 minutes.
    [Spman] 11:33 am: lol i saw the msgs
    [Krit] 11:33 am: Asked me out on a date.
    [Krit] 11:33 am: I was like..
    [Krit] 11:33 am: Kay.
    [Spman] 11:33 am: dood
    [Spman] 11:33 am: Krit
    [Spman] 11:33 am: thats the way he is
    [Krit] 11:33 am: Only not kay.
    [Krit] 11:33 am: xD
    [mikosu] 11:33 am: WTF
    [RiBu] 11:33 am: demarc stfu yoda sucks
    [RiBu] 11:33 am: dont bring him into this sex talk
    [mikosu] 11:33 am: does he even know what u look like?
    [Demarcus] 11:33 am: Your just mad
    [Krit] 11:33 am: Mhm, Naomi told me to brush him off.
    [req] 11:33 am: if you play the numbers thats not a bad tactic..
    [Krit] 11:33 am: Not even pay attention to him.
    [Krit] 11:33 am: lol
    req] 11:33 am: has his "ask every tactic " ever worked?
    [Demarcus] 11:33 am: That attracts STD's
    [Krit] 11:34 am: He's in love with Prinny.
    [Krit] 11:34 am: Because of his avatar. <3
    [Spman] 11:34 am: LAWL
    [Demarcus] 11:34 am: Your all gonna be infected man
    [req] 11:34 am: I thiught prinny was a dude
    [Spman] 11:34 am: he is
    [emo_prinny] 11:34 am: i'm hawt
    [mikosu] 11:34 am: oh no emo's pen0r is out in the open now
    [Demarcus] 11:34 am: You guys hook up
    [Demarcus] 11:35 am: this is too "Adult" for me
    [req] 11:35 am: tis true...
    [req] 11:35 am: <-- didn't read
    [mikosu] 11:35 am: u suck soup boy
    [mikosu] 11:35 am: go get drunk
    Demarcus] 11:35 am: I've never sucked
    [emo_prinny] 11:35 am: grow up soupboy
    [Demarcus] 11:35 am: anything
    [Demarcus] 11:35 am: i swear
    [emo_prinny] 11:35 am: or we'll call you fireroses jr
    [mikosu] 11:35 am: gay....
    [Demarcus] 11:35 am: Prinny: i see what you mean
    [req] 11:36 am: <-- itrigued
    [Alex.J] 11:36 am: NOOOOOOOOOOO
    [mikosu] 11:36 am: soup boy is mad gay
    [Climhazard] 11:36 am: ....soup boy?
    [Demarcus] 11:37 am: No i'm not
    [Demarcus] 11:37 am: Miko is mad gay for me tho
    [Demarcus] 11:37 am: damn Poki-pedo
    [mikosu] 11:37 am: GAY
    [Serge2HOT4U] 11:37 am: speaking of gay
    [mikosu] 11:37 am: there's nothing wrong with sharing urself with a child
    [Serge2HOT4U] 11:37 am: i still cant get over Devil Wears Prada
    [mikosu] 11:37 am: I think that's the best love of all
    [Serge2HOT4U] 11:37 am: that movie........
    [Demarcus] 11:38 am: wow miko i swear
    [8WayRun.Com]: KITtheUltraMod has entered at 11:38 am
    [Demarcus] 11:38 am: everyone is gonna see this love you have for being a pedo playing pokemon
    [mikosu] 11:38 am: GET ON DIS SOUP BOY
    [8WayRun.Com]: Serge2HOT4U has left at 11:38 am
    [KITtheUltraMod] 11:38 am: YOo.
    [Demarcus] 11:38 am: When?
    [Alex.J] 11:38 am: ok
    [mikosu] 11:38 am: OMG it's that injun
    [Alex.J] 11:38 am: that was painful
    [KITtheUltraMod] 11:38 am: lol mikosu...
    [mikosu] 11:39 am: NOW SOUPY!
    KITtheUltraMod] 11:39 am: sounds liek hell there Alex..
    [Demarcus] 11:39 am: Miko
    Demarcus] 11:39 am: If you give me some Strawberry's i will
    Demarcus] 11:40 am: i can eat them all sexy like as well
    [mikosu] 11:40 am: no!
    [mikosu] 11:40 am: i treat u like child now
    [mikosu] 11:40 am: strawberries are overrated
    [Demarcus] 11:40 am: I told you guys
    [mikosu] 11:40 am: now come to me
    Alex.J] 11:40 am: i tried to look up what my problem was and all webMD could say was "thats not good"
    [Demarcus] 11:40 am: i'm Prince bait
    [mikosu] 11:40 am: COOCHI COO MOTHERF*CKER!
    [Alex.J] 11:40 am: LOL
    [Demarcus] 11:41 am: Miko
    [Alex.J] 11:41 am: mikosu
    [Demarcus] 11:41 am: that's awesome
    [Alex.J] 11:41 am: i like you just for saying coochi coo
    [Demarcus] 11:41 am: I give
    [Demarcus] 11:41 am: if you can pick me up, I will go coochi coo along with you
    [mikosu] 11:41 am: ^_^
    [mikosu] 11:41 am: pick u up?
    [Spman] 11:41 am: sore throat?
    [mikosu] 11:42 am: dude u're prolly like 10lbs
    [mikosu] 11:42 am: if that's what u meant
    [Alex.J] 11:42 am: i think i got lyringitas
    [mikosu] 11:42 am: =/
    [Spman] 11:42 am: hahahahahaha
    [Demarcus] 11:42 am: LOL
    Demarcus] 11:43 am: Miko
    [Demarcus] 11:43 am: i meant
    [Demarcus] 11:43 am: Get your car
    [RiBu] 11:43 am: AIDs
    [Demarcus] 11:43 am: put some strawberry's in it
    [RiBu] 11:43 am: I'm caling it now
    [Demarcus] 11:44 am: Pick of Fireroses for everyone else
    [Demarcus] 11:44 am: *pick up
    [Demarcus] 11:44 am: and you come get me
    [Demarcus] 11:44 am: And we can throw some D's on that shit man
    [mikosu] 11:44 am: wow soup boy
    [mikosu] 11:44 am: youze a freak
    [mikosu] 11:45 am: wantin people to come get u and ish
    [mikosu] 11:45 am: a little AJ
    [Demarcus] 11:45 am: You offered
    [Alex.J] 11:45 am: i went to school and got straight f's
    [Demarcus] 11:45 am: if only Fireroses was here
    [Alex.J] 11:45 am: and i went to the teacher and asked him to
    [Alex.J] 11:45 am: throw some d's on it
    [Demarcus] 11:45 am: then everyone would get a piece
    [Alex.J] 11:45 am: thr-throw throw some d's on it
    [mikosu] 11:45 am: ........
    [Alex.J] 11:45 am: wtf is demarcus talking about
    [Demarcus] 11:46 am: Alex you know what i'm talkin about....... Lil AJ :biggrin:
    [mikosu] 11:46 am: OMG Del hi!
    [mikosu] 11:46 am: let's spoon
    [Demarcus] 11:46 am: Miko...
    [Demarcus] 11:46 am: i mean we can
    [Demarcus] 11:46 am: but
    [Demarcus] 11:46 am: it'll cost you
    [mikosu] 11:47 am: I got a 15 year old hittin on me
    [Dizzynecro] 11:47 am: http://i41.tinypic.com/2q9ggld.jpg
    [mikosu] 11:47 am: save me!
    [Alex.J] 11:47 am: rapping little girls?
    [Alex.J] 11:47 am: thats what it sounded like demarcus
    [Demarcus] 11:48 am: Hey alex
    [KITtheUltraMod] 11:48 am: lol
    [Rekano] 11:48 am: wall stare attack
    [Demarcus] 11:48 am: That's miko's job
    [Demarcus] 11:48 am: but lmfao no
    [mikosu] 11:48 am: soup boy.....I have some class
    [Demarcus] 11:48 am: Fireroses is prolly infected
    [Demarcus] 11:48 am: with something
    [Demarcus] 11:48 am: deadly...
    [mikosu] 11:48 am: I at least ask they feel when I rape them
    [Demarcus] 11:48 am: silent....
    [mikosu] 11:48 am: how they feel*
    [Demarcus] 11:48 am: and probably stinks....
    [RiBu] 11:48 am: homosexuality. . .
    [Alex.J] 11:49 am: demarcus
    [Climhazard] 11:49 am: just say no?
    [Climhazard] 11:49 am: hahahah
    [Alex.J] 11:49 am: one can only guess
    [Rekano] 11:49 am: rush down life with Wall Stare
    [Alex.J] 11:49 am: fireroses is an enigma
    [Demarcus] 11:49 am: One named Miko
    [Demarcus] 11:49 am: Lol
    [Dizzynecro] 11:49 am: Mystic stare?
    [Demarcus] 11:49 am: that's fucked up lol
    [Alex.J] 11:49 am: no one knows shit about him/her
    [KITtheUltraMod] 11:49 am: You are rigth there AJ..
    [Spman] 11:49 am: we just know he/she is 11
    [Alex.J] 11:49 am: spman
    [Alex.J] 11:49 am: what proof of that?
    [Spman] 11:49 am: and loves ivy
    [Spman] 11:50 am: hmm good point
    [Rekano] 11:50 am: then turtle it with post job depression, poking with c.short
    [Demarcus] 11:50 am: lmfao
    [Demarcus] 11:50 am: that is a good point
    [Demarcus] 11:50 am: 11
    [Demarcus] 11:50 am: is a little girl
    [Demarcus] 11:50 am: but loves Ivy
    [Demarcus] 11:50 am: and ful fledged man
    [Demarcus] 11:50 am: wait then she might be a girl
    [Demarcus] 11:50 am: or a guy
    [Demarcus] 11:50 am: it's a mystery
    [mikosu] 11:50 am: goodo job soupy
    [mikosu] 11:50 am: back to square one
    [KITtheUltraMod] 11:50 am: lol
    [Alex.J] 11:50 am: i think i need to make a male gamers thread
    [Spman] 11:51 am: hahahaha
    [Dizzynecro] 11:51 am: Rek we need Left 4 Dead today
    [Demarcus] 11:51 am: Fireroses would be the first to post
    [Spman] 11:51 am: that female gamer threadis a joke
    [Alex.J] 11:51 am: this female gamers thread is killing me
    [Rekano] 11:51 am: then activate Heavy Metal Opera on a successful c.roundhouse or j.fierce

        [mikosu] 12:10 pm: I need say no more
  7. Krit

    Krit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    Oh God, there's a female gamers thread?
  8. Utsuse

    Utsuse [01] Neophyte

    11 year olds should be banned from the internet.
  9. Krit

    Krit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    lol Uts. When I was that age, we didn't have a computer because my mother was a nazi. My dad and I were like "We want a computer plzzzz" and she was all "Sieg Heil! NO."
  10. Utsuse

    Utsuse [01] Neophyte

    I braved the internet like a champ at 11 (I routinely pretended to be 17 and got away with it). I think we may be dealing with a high-functioning (though, I'm not sure I'd call it functioning by the usual standards) mental patient here...

    Though as a rule, I have to stand by my earlier posit that 11 year olds should be thrown into a gas drum and burned ali--- I mean, banned from the internet.
  11. Impending_Doom66

    Impending_Doom66 [09] Warrior

    The genius of Drizzle

    [Loli_Drizzle] 4:41 am: No joke.
    [Impending_Doom66] 4:41 am: +++++
    [Loli_Drizzle] 4:41 am: I'm trying to use equal signs.
    [Impending_Doom66] 4:41 am: are you hitting shift?
    [Impending_Doom66] 4:41 am: I know that sounds dumb
    [Impending_Doom66] 4:41 am: but seriously
    [Loli_Drizzle] 4:41 am: +++++ <-------------- I'm holding shift.
    [Impending_Doom66] 4:42 am: you don't hold shift for equal signs
    [Loli_Drizzle] 4:42 am: Oh...
    [Loli_Drizzle] 4:42 am: Yeah...
  12. Drizzle

    Drizzle [09] Warrior

    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:08 am: Doom has a vagina?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:08 am: :uk: :down:
    [twiggywales] 8:08 am: I LOVE INTERNETZ PEOPLETH
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:08 am: SIBERSECKS?
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:08 am: lol
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:08 am: what?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:08 am: OMG ID IS A SECKSAY GURL!
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:08 am: U2?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:08 am: CYBER NAO PLZ!
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:08 am: OMG I'm teh hawtness
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:08 am: w00t!
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:08 am: come on Broken
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:08 am: A/S/L?
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:09 am: why would you believe that
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:09 am: I'm joking, man
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:09 am: well you never know
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:09 am: I might not be
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:09 am: ORLY?
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:09 am: What if I was really some 60 year old man?
    [twiggywales] 8:09 am: old enough/unkonwn/and the 1 the only ENGLAND
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:09 am: SIBER?
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:10 am: oh :(
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:10 am: yes
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:10 am: please
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:10 am: don't like wrinklies
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:10 am: That means you're a girl by default.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:10 am: CYBER NAO HAWT BRITISH WOMAN!
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:10 am: and men's arses are most deinately not on the menu, thx
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:10 am: what if my skin is soft?
    [twiggywales] 8:10 am: erm well i do have long blonde hair and big moobs so your nearly right
    [twiggywales] 8:10 am: :P
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:10 am: Do you smell like deep heat muscle rub?
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:11 am: twiggy likes twinkies?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:11 am: GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:11 am: and faintly of pee-pee?
    [twiggywales] 8:11 am: lol
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:11 am: liver spots FTW
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:11 am: Lololol.
    [kikaleek] 8:11 am: i am very lost and disturbed
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:12 am: I don't like my women unless they've got a plastic hip
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:12 am: I just started reading the flashchat logs.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:12 am: Shit is funny.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:12 am: Shit the person, not shit in general.
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:12 am: plastic hips are so lame
    [twiggywales] 8:12 am: lol my dad has a plastic hip
    [twiggywales] 8:12 am: gotta take him in for a service every 5000 miles
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:12 am: I don't think
    [twiggywales] 8:12 am: :P
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:12 am: lol Drizz
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:12 am: I'd do your dad
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:12 am: I'm gonna lead him on
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:12 am: DO EET.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:13 am: Lol.
    [twiggywales] 8:13 am: lulz
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:13 am: does your wife have a plastic hip Broken?
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:13 am: I feel dirty again :(
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:13 am: she has 2!
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:13 am: oh wow
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:13 am: SCORE
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:14 am: Her name is Edna and she's teh SECKS!
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:14 am: Edna lol
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:14 am: Lol.
    [twiggywales] 8:14 am: mmmmmmm GUM JOB
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:14 am: I don't know why that's funny
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:14 am: I like it best when she plays dead when we do it
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:14 am: LOL
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:14 am: this is to much
    [twiggywales] 8:15 am: lulz necrophelia, crunchy on the outside smooth on the inside
    [twiggywales] 8:15 am: <3
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:15 am: lol
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:15 am: don't let it sit thought
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:15 am: if it gets hard it'll hurt
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:15 am: <---loves corpses
    [twiggywales] 8:16 am: remember kids respect the dead........ ware a condom
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:16 am: and respect yourself with lubricant
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:16 am: hey, they'll never catch me out with that, though, Drizz
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:16 am: Corpses don't come on flashchat
    [Loli_Drizzle] 8:16 am: Lol.
    [twiggywales] 8:16 am: enbalming fluid for lube FTW
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:16 am: lol
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:16 am: sorry broken sucks for you
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:17 am: not for drizz though
    [twiggywales] 8:17 am: the only thing that makes better lube are tears :D
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:17 am: kids come here all the time
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:17 am: or blood twiggy
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:17 am: well, it's a blessing and curse for me :|
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:17 am: that needs to go in the flashchat log
    [Impending_Doom66] 8:17 am: yeah drizz I would so put that in flashchat logs
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 8:17 am: ...it won't :(
    [twiggywales] 8:18 am: your so far over the line its just a dot now
  13. Krit

    Krit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    ROFL <3 You guys over there.
  14. twiggywales

    twiggywales [08] Mercenary

    move along folks nothing to see here.


    i think i covered that drizzle
  15. Utsuse

    Utsuse [01] Neophyte

    Nice save.
  16. Impending_Doom66

    Impending_Doom66 [09] Warrior

    Why did someone delete my post?
  17. DC97

    DC97 [10] Knight

    [DivineChaos97] 5:16 pm: a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojKt0FAxb    &feature=channel" target="_blank"
    [DivineChaos97] 5:16 pm: wtf
    [Loli_Drizzle] 5:16 pm: Lol.
    [8WayRun.Com]: ViciousShogun has left at 5:16 pm
    [Dullyanna] 5:16 pm: DC, what the fuck are you doing?
        [mikosu] 5:16 pm: fail
    [Krit] 5:16 pm: LOL
    [Loli_Drizzle] 5:16 pm: PHAIL!
    [DivineChaos97] 5:16 pm: a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojKt0FAxb    " target="_blank" style="color:#0033FF"
    [Krit] 5:16 pm: LOLOLOLOLOL
    [Dullyanna] 5:16 pm: Whatever it is, it's pissing of flashcat
    [Dullyanna] 5:17 pm: So stop
    [DivineChaos97] 5:17 pm: linkage no working
    [Climhazard] 5:17 pm: what happened?
    [Krit] 5:17 pm: Deja vu
    [Krit] 5:17 pm: Ala Serge. >.>
    [Jlikew00t] 5:17 pm: agreed
        [mikosu] 5:17 pm: html =/= URL
    [Loli_Drizzle] 5:17 pm: Once again Miko, we're on the same wavelength.
    [Climhazard] 5:17 pm: I lagged solid
    [Dullyanna] 5:17 pm: Those smilies are a warning
    [AMillionHP] 5:17 pm: u think??????????????????
    [DivineChaos97] 5:17 pm: idk
    [DivineChaos97] 5:17 pm: i broke flashchat!
    [Climhazard] 5:17 pm: oh
    [Dullyanna] 5:17 pm: Like corpses at the entrance to a cave
    [Climhazard] 5:17 pm: did you see the link?
    [genver] 5:17 pm:    
    [DivineChaos97] 5:17 pm: I copied it from the adress bar
    [genver] 5:17 pm: whao wth
    [genver] 5:17 pm:    
    [Dullyanna] 5:18 pm: Flashcat is seriously fucked up
    [Dullyanna] 5:18 pm: Invisible text and random smilies
    [genver] 5:18 pm: lol wow
    [genver] 5:18 pm: that is ossome
    [Dullyanna] 5:18 pm: Next it's going to kill one of us
    [8WayRun.Com]: Jlikew00t has left at 5:18 pm
    [DivineChaos97] 5:18 pm: oh shi-
    [8WayRun.Com]: Jlikew00t has entered at 5:18 pm
    [Dullyanna] 5:18 pm: And subsume us into its consciousness
    [Climhazard] 5:18 pm: ?
    [AMillionHP] 5:18 pm: cant kill me
    [DivineChaos97] 5:18 pm: Mikosu goes first, that black dude always dies first
    [Climhazard] 5:18 pm: KILL ME FLASHCHAT!
    [AMillionHP] 5:18 pm: too many hit points
    [Dullyanna] 5:18 pm: Flashcat equals Legion
    [genver] 5:18 pm: girls go next
    [genver] 5:18 pm: BYE EMO lol
    [Jlikew00t] 5:19 pm: ahhhh
    [Krit] 5:19 pm: OH NO
    [DivineChaos97] 5:19 pm: Then its the BAMF
    [8WayRun.Com]: Utsuse has entered at 5:19 pm
    [DivineChaos97] 5:19 pm: then the kid who never thought he would survive, lives
    [Dullyanna] 5:19 pm: RUN
    [8WayRun.Com]: AMillionHP has left at 5:19 pm
    [emo_prinny] 5:19 pm: huh what?
    [Dullyanna] 5:19 pm: FLASH CHAT HAS BECOME LEGION
    [Jlikew00t] 5:19 pm: emo lives then
    [Climhazard] 5:19 pm: OMG!!!
    [Utsuse] 5:19 pm:     
    [Dullyanna] 5:19 pm: Genver
    [Climhazard] 5:20 pm: SANOSUKE!
    [Climhazard] 5:20 pm:
    [8WayRun.Com]: IdleMind has left at 5:20 pm
    [Dullyanna] 5:20 pm: You're the slutty teenager who gets shanked while fucking some random dude
    [DivineChaos97] 5:20 pm: that thing is going into flashchat logs nao!
    [Utsuse] 5:20 pm: Why, is fireroses infecting everyone with her Ivy disease?
    [genver] 5:20 pm: yeah, in the shower
    [Climhazard] 5:20 pm: epic headache inducer
    [genver] 5:20 pm: i think that happened in freddy vs. jason?
    [emo_prinny] 5:20 pm: wtf is going on here?
    Utsuse] 5:21 pm: some slutty girl dies while fucking a guy
    [8WayRun.Com]: AMillionHP has left at 5:21 pm

    It killed AMillionHP
  18. IdleMind


    [IdleMind] 12:48 am: KDZ, I need a quotable prediction for your upcoming regional performance this weekend. Don't
    dissapoint me. No fair quoting Rocky movies too.
    [IdleMind] 12:49 am: Saturday is NJ Regional.
        [KDZaster] 12:49 am: Quotable prediction?
    [IdleMind] 12:49 am: Yes, a prediction for the fight.
    [HajimeOwari] 12:49 am: Kick some ass, KDZ.
        [KDZaster] 12:50 am: Player 1, or 2, doesn't matter who.
    [KDZaster] 12:50 am: Both my balls is coming for you.
        [KDZaster] 12:50 am: I'm known as a slayer.
    [KDZaster] 12:51 am: better say your prayers
        [KDZaster] 12:51 am: These motherfuckers suck, go back to single player.
        [KDZaster] 12:51 am: From the WCG
        [KDZaster] 12:51 am: to the MLG
        [KDZaster] 12:51 am: I P-O-N-E ~ N double-O B's
        [KDZaster] 12:51 am: It don't matter if I've never heard of ya
    [KDZaster] 12:51 am: fuck Jack Thompson, it's fun to murder ya.
        [KDZaster] 12:51 am: How about that?
    [IdleMind] 12:52 am: Fucking awesome

  19. Impending_Doom66

    Impending_Doom66 [09] Warrior

    I am a moron

    [Dullyanna] 3:48 am: Ohio is fucking lame. I need to move to Norcal
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:48 am: hey dully you how I always was whining about no one playing in hawaii
    [Dullyanna] 3:48 am: Yeah, I remember.
    [HajimeOwari] 3:49 am: You should!
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:49 am: well you want to see the cruel irony of life
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:49 am: http://www.caliburforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33646
    [Dullyanna] 3:51 am: Wait, this is in Texas?
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:52 am: no it isn't
    [Dullyanna] 3:52 am: I'm assuming H-town + Texas
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:52 am: they met every thursday this semester at campus center
    [Dullyanna] 3:52 am: Ah, fuck flashchat
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:52 am: campus center is right down thr road from me
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:53 am: OMg you are right
    [Dullyanna] 3:53 am: lol
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:53 am: LMFAO
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:53 am: I thought this was UH
    [Dullyanna] 3:53 am: LOL
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:53 am: I am such a fucking moron
    [Dullyanna] 3:53 am: I noticed they all lived in fucking Texas
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:53 am: I wondered why he kept saying houstin
    [Dullyanna] 3:53 am: So there isn't any cruel irony after all
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:54 am: Let's never speak of this again
    [Dullyanna] 3:54 am: That's a plus, I guess.
    [Dullyanna] 3:54 am: Okay, I won't
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:54 am: I need to go delete my post
    [HajimeOwari] 3:54 am: Poor ID.
    [Impending_Doom66] 3:54 am: so then it is true no one does play SC4 in hawaii      
    [HajimeOwari] 3:55 am: You two should come to NorCal.
    [Dullyanna] 3:55 am: Except Porcupine
  20. Dullyanna

    Dullyanna [10] Knight

    The cruel irony of life is that we're all morons, but we just don't know it.

    Edit: Some people..... are bigger morons than others, though:

    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:41 am: http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r60/mr740ti/fail/millionaire_idiot_fail.jpg
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:42 am: Mine's not lagging.
    [Dullyanna] 7:42 am: Because it hates us
    [Dullyanna] 7:42 am: Mine is
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:42 am: Now it is....
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:42 am: A little, but not much.
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:42 am: ww drizzle
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:42 am: *wow
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:42 am: I feel better now
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:42 am: mine's never always a little laggy
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:42 am: That was the plan, ID.
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:43 am: that is sad
    [Dullyanna] 7:43 am: Nice pic, Drizzle
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:43 am: sometimes, though, it just seems to swallow your comment before waiting 5 mins and spitting it back out
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:43 am: trhat is very very sad
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:43 am: evil is afoot
    [Dullyanna] 7:43 am: That show really is full of fail
    [Dullyanna] 7:43 am: English
    [Dullyanna] 7:43 am: When I was talking to ID earlier
    [Dullyanna] 7:43 am: It fucking reversed my posts after lagging for a minute
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:43 am: I saw this guy use all his lifelines on the first question and still miss ut
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:43 am: It's done that to me before.
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:43 am: Lol.
    [Dullyanna] 7:43 am: It's got a mind of its own
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:44 am: I think I saw that one.
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:44 am: madness, I tells ya
    [Dullyanna] 7:44 am: The beginning questions are retarded, too
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:44 am: you guys want real morons watch are you smarter than a 5th grader
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:44 am: WOW
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:44 am: Never seen it.
    [Dullyanna] 7:44 am: If you can't get those, you should be legally considered a moron
    [Dullyanna] 7:44 am: I've heard things about that show
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:44 am: mus have this controller
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:44 am: http://kotaku.com/5130848/a-control-pad-for-those-who-roll-twenties
    [Dullyanna] 7:45 am: Apparently one bitch thought Europe was a country
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:45 am: lol
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:45 am: Nice.
    [Dullyanna] 7:45 am: People like that should be used as sources of meat and fuel
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:45 am: for America. :up:
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:45 am: this person at my work was trying to guess what state I was from and said mexico
    [Dullyanna] 7:45 am: Instead of voting on important issues
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:46 am: lol
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:46 am: I said that is a country and he didn't belive me
    [Dullyanna] 7:46 am: Fffffffffffffwhat?
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:46 am: Lolololol.
    [Dullyanna] 7:46 am: You're fucking me
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:46 am: hawaii is full of morons
    [Dullyanna] 7:46 am: Come on, please
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:46 am: that sounds like our secretary
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:46 am: I honestly want to kill myself everytime I work
    [Dullyanna] 7:46 am: How the bloody fuck?
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:46 am: she's nice and all, but she doesn't have a clue about the world
    [Dullyanna] 7:46 am: Damn ID, you're killing me
    [Impending_Doom66] 7:47 am: I hate fast food
    [Br0ken_Engli5h] 7:47 am: cute lass, but nowt upstairs
    [Loli_Drizzle] 7:47 am: She's probably hawt. She don't need no brain.

    I just love the human race, don't you?

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