8WAYRUN War Chest


So a while back, I got invited to some SC6 events by Namco-Bandai... and unfortunately, I could not attend because I couldn't afford to go. Some people on twitter suggested the idea of putting together some donation drives in the future so we can get people out to these press events. So this week, I was invited to another event at the end of the month... and I'm thinking to take up the war chest idea.

So now, I'm straight up asking the community if they would be willing to donate so we could get some funds together to send people out as ambassadors/correspondents for 8WAYRUN. We want to be able to get opinions from actual players when these press events happen, instead of just "journalists" (re: non-gamers) from Kotaku or Polygon or whatever. The funds would not be used to send people to tournaments, just press events.

If you're interested in supporting this idea, feel free to donate! https://8wayrun.com/donate
Nice idea 8wayrun reps that actually know how to play the game get to go to these events hopefully without that fiancial barrier with donations.

I'll donate 30 USD if others are on board, any amounts from anyone would be absolutely appreciated.

I think this is worth it because -

  • shows employees of Namco that we care for this game enough to help bring experienced players to these press events.
  • Opportunity for these players to give any words in and feedback about the game.
  • Also potenially gives us (the Internet) some more decent gameplay and chance to see more of the announced characters movesets.
EDIT: Donated :)
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I'll match that, it's important that we get actual players with previous SC knowledge out to try the game and report back their findings in more detail than just "hehe i liked the shiny graphics it feels c00l". We need to take every opportunity possible to tell Namco if something is taking the right/wrong direction and what we think so far.