A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold (SC6 edition)

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I am slowly working towards completing my collection and 2Ps...massive update inbound, including a few OCs :)



PORKY VOLDO 2P (NSFW warning, hence pics are in spoiler, more a proof of concept than one i will keep, now that i got the hang of it, i might work on a sexy male counterpart of 50 shades Taki, one she couldn't resist IRL :) :

What i can't resist is sticking this up his *censored by 8wayrun admin*

A couple more and quizz coming soon...
That Voldo. I wouldn’t want to be CE’d with that. But why must the strategist bodysuit suit him well?

For the chocolate Xianghua, why couldn’t you use a face paint instead of a sticker so that the face doesn’t look as artificial? You already used two stickers for lipstick... I’m guessing those are two of the lip stickers to make it look darker...

For custom facial hair with stickers I’d actually use the lipstick like you did with Taki and cover it with a skintone crescent moon sticker. I see some of the moustache leaked on his neck. Great concept though even though that hairstyle with a moustache makes one look too much like Cervantes.
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Thanks Spellcraft for the comments and critique : well, the lipstick is two round stickers side by side because lip stickers won't pop, is too grainy, so it doesn't look like chocolate sauce lipstick. Artifical looking face, i beg to differ...Chocolate coated skin for the face maybe :) facepaint, yeah, why not ? I went for a blend of Che Guevara look for Groh + SAS (shemag) + green beret (hat construct), but hell you are right his eye patch/visor haircut and stache could definitely hint at a modern age young Cervy...anyways, i could have done a desert camo variation (because of shemag), but i thought olive green based palette looked just the part :)

I like the way you question my designs / art direction, thank you !

Bonus CAS for you...

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This time i had like 25+ alerts in my inbox, all were likes on things i posted here (and there / other threads)...
zero comment, are we on facebook or smthg ? :)
That's why i started my digital yellow jacket like embargo as a protest :)...you'll get no likes from me, only comments, feel free to do the same here, by all means.

And PS should maybe shift their a..e and give us at least part of the promised DLC they are just withholding for no good reason, 2B included.

Rant mode off, and i still love this board and its members, don't fret :)


Will be posting a compil video soonish, because i wanted some music with my CAS :)

A bientôt...