Add Hilde to SOULCALIBUR VI Petition


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Howdy Hilde crew! : )

A few people in the community have drafted up a petition to show support for adding Hilde to SOULCALIBUR VI. It has been written in English, French, Japanese, and Russian to garner the most amount of people. The ask is simple: Add Hilde to SOULCALIBUR VI either in Season Pass 2 or as an additional download at a later time.

If you want her in the game, would love if you could sign, and share with the hashtag #HildeForSCVI

Here's a link to the petition: Add Hilde to SOULCALIBUR VI

As well, quick question, does anyone know if there is an old Hilde discord sitting around anywhere I can post this on?


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We have made it to 165 signers, lets keep the momentum going people! Please sign and share the link if you haven't already!


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Another update! In just one week:
  • Over 200 signees.
  • With over 100 shares.
  • Representing over 30 countries.
  • Across all 6 livable continents!
Goal is to make it to at least 500, ideally over 1000!

Let's push this bad boy forward, please share the petition with the #HildeForSCVI

The dream is real!!!!!!!!


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Another update in just two weeks:
  • Over 580 signees.
  • Representing over 75 countries.
  • Our soft goal of 500 has been surpassed, time for our dream goal of 1000.
Please if you support the cause, sign, and share the petition! Gotta spread the good vibes.

For a link to a twitter post I made that you can easily share click here.


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Another update:
  • We now have 630 signees.
  • We now have 83 countries on board.
  • Over 130 shares.
Our biggest struggle now is breaking the Japanese market, we have not had a single signatory from Japan as of yet based on the data I have. If you know Japanese players please get this on their radar.

Another tweet if you want to share.
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