Alpha Patroklos matchups discussion


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No I mean cancel B into G late into the window, though this is serious metagame vs Hilde players so it tends not to work at mid level:
To win, Hilde needs to keep up with damage and the only way she can is by landing 22Bs, now this is actually a sound strategy against alpha as her good movement can setup whiffs against him pretty effectively, but theres a tradeoff, to whiff punish 33B with it, Hilde has to input 22B very very early so how do Hilde players do this you may ask? Simple:
The Hilde player will move into the range they feel is just outside of 33Bs tip and quickstep as a preemptive move, then comes the confirm, if Alpha does a move then they are already at a safe range and so just hit B to 22B you.*

Alpha's safest answer is this: 236bG, hilde will see the start of 236 and an attack motion thus hits B, but you've already G cancelled so you have ample time to sidewalk or just guard it and it costs her heavily. This bait is a very strong contributing factor imo to winning the mid range battle with Hilde and in general, whoever controls mid range best wins this matchup. Its also why I consider it a 6:4 to Alpha: they can both win but Alpha can win playing more passively and with less reads so he just takes it imo.

*This is a method of whiff punishment you see fairly often but don't realise until you know the method: Maxi players do it all the time with 11B for example.


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66 5 G doesn't work if she whiffs punish a move :)
Hilde is quite a damaging character. A very good one too.

It's 6-4 but not because Alpha can bait 22B but :
- Alpha can close range really fast while she is a very good zoning character
- Alpha has an easy answer for her charge moves (autoGI A+B is very good, can be done on reaction easily for some stuff, including 22B).
- His damaging throws can actually limit her charge timer.
- One of the few character to actually punish with good damage C2 A if you bait it.

GolD ShaD

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I think alpha MU

Alpha-mitsu 5-5 (Map with RO 5,5-4,5)
Alpha-pyrrah 6-4
Alpha-omega 7-3
Alpha-nightmare 7-3
Alpha-natsu 6-4
Alpha-siegfried 8-2
Alpha-Aeon 5,5-4,5
Alpha-viola 6-4
Alpha-zwei 8-2
Alpha-raphaël 8-2
Alpha-yoshi 6,5-3,5
Alpha-patroklos 6,5-3,5
Alpha-voldo 6-4
Alpha-ezio 7-3
Alpha-leixia 6-4
Alpha-hilde 7-3???
Alpha-xiba 6-4???
Alpha-tira 6-4???
Alpha-asta 7-3
Alpha-maxi 7-3
Alpha-algol 6-4
Alpha-ivy 7-3
Alpha-cervantes 6-4

Top 3 best charactere versus Alpha :Mitsu,Aeon,pyrrah!

thank you for your opinion :)
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