Amy General Discussion and findings


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Ok, nice ! I will write it correctly and share it tomorrow with few quotes etc.
It will be a general guide btw

EDIT: Guide is online !
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Hey y'all, how do you feel about Amy's matchups? Who do you feel are her best, worst and equal?

Im in a debate about the talim vs amy matchup. I feel like Amy has an upper edge when it comes to speed and poking and completely shits on talim when i have roses stacked.


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I think Zasalamel and Yoshimitsu are two of her worst matchups.

Astaroth would be because of high damage ceiling vs. Amy but his blender needs him to be close so Amy can get to work with her stuff and nuff Astaroth pretty well.


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After several months on the game, i made an update of my Amy punishment guide, i added 5 characters ! Please look at it !