[Apr 18, 2014] Norcal Regionals 2014 (Sacramento, California)


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I am pleased to let you know that both Soul Calibur 2 and Soul Calibur 5 will be in this years line up of Norcal Regionals. As many of you know, SC5 was not in the line up last year and me + a few friends decided to organize a tourney out of a hotel room. Although it was pretty successful, I am glad to have the support of NCR this year. Both will be side tourneys which have been recently updated to their registration website. Come support the game that Fillipino Champ and PR Rog love.


We'll have casuals on Friday and start both tourneys on Saturday around 12 pm. If anyone is running late, hit me up or post something up in this thread and we'll try our best to accommodate. Be sure to register online in the link provided below. Also, Christopher Wu has graciously threw in a pot bonus for SC5 out of his own pocket. If you have any questions please let me know. Here are a few links below to help you out.


Date: April 18-19th

Location: Holiday Day Inn Capitol Plaza
300J Street
Sacramento, California 95814

NCR Official website: http://norcalregionals.com/

Event Registration: https://kineda.wufoo.com/forms/norcal-regionals-2014/

Discounted Holiday Inn rooms: http://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotel...&qSmP=3&qSrt=sDD&qWch=0&srb_u=1&icdv=99801505
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if i can get the funds in time i will definitely be coming to this Prepared Your Anus West coast


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if i can get the funds in time i will definitely be coming to this Prepared Your Anus West coast

Me vs You, buffet match. Actually I don't know if Sac has any good buffets, but I do know of a perfectly fine wing place we can go to.


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Real bummed i couldnt make it to SCR, so it'd be nice if i could make it to this one. The location makes it a lot more possible, since Sacramento is only an hour away, as opposed to the 5 hours it would have taken just to get to Irvine.


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After watching FR and the ridiculous amount of hype I am kinda envious of the people who went. Let's make this tournament as loud as possible guys!!