(April Fools) SoulCalibur V 1.03 Patch Notes Revealed!

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With the release of version 1.02 only coming two weeks ago, Namco Bandai announced that they would continue to support us with patches. But nobody could have foreseen the changes for the new patch being released this early! Namco Bandai's community manager, Filthierich, has given us details on the upcoming patch!

Once again, the exact frame changes are not listed in the patch notes. However, many of the changes in the patch have a larger impact than just safety. Currently, there is no release date planned.

Battle System Adjustments:
  • It is now possible to block at all times during movement by holding the guard button.
  • The downtime between just guard attempts has been removed..
  • Guard burst damage now recovers fully for both players between rounds.
  • Guard Impacts have been removed.
Overall move adjustments:
  • All Characters now have a new critical edge attack performed with :2::1::4::2::1::4::A+B+K:.
  • Fixed a bug where Viola's orb previously counted as MAGIC and could not be auto impacted. It is now a vertical attack.
  • All jump attacks now instantly break guard.
  • Relic stance has been implemented.
  • In Relic stance, Mitsurugi has infinite super armor, but cannot attack.
  • Maxi can now block at all times during stance.
  • Many of Voldo's moves now have intentionally confusing hitboxes, as he is blind.
  • Has gained 5 new stances.
  • Increased the difficulty of the just version of Criminal Symphony.
  • :1::K: (Dark Low Kick): Now stuns the opponent on counter hit.
  • Nightmare now has a brave edge version of :a-small::gA:. This version of the move hits mid.
  • Astaroth's throws are now unbreakable.
  • :2::3::6::2::3::6::A+B+K: is now instant with no startup.
  • Just version of Geo Da Ray is now safe if the opponent blocks.
  • Raphael's A button has been replaced by Guard Impact. He is now the only character in the game able to Guard Impact.
  • Tira now switches personas every ten seconds and her attacks no longer change her state.
  • :B: release (stage 2) (Moonlit Dance): now launches higher.
  • :2::3::6::2::3::6::A+B+K: (Storm and Urge): now rings out from anywhere on the stage.
  • :A+B: (Shams Nath), :2::A+B:(Eltanin Nath), :8::A+B: (Dual Wings): no longer have recovery time and are instant.
  • :2::3::6::2::3::6::A+B+K: (Al Shams Qahhar): is now unblockable.
  • :2::3::6::2::3::6::A+B+K: (Cockgaine, Land of the Plenty): Increased damage (90 -> 240)
  • All attacks with E.I.N. are removed from the game.
  • No other changes were made to this character.
  • All of Viola's attacks now do 1 damage as long as the opponent is in the air or in ground stun.
  • After 5 hits in a combo, Viola's attacks will deal 0 damage.
  • Pyrrha now apologizes for every move.
  • :2::3::6::2::3::6::A+B+K: (Trinity Strike): Now unblockable.
Pyrrha Ω:
  • Triple Nemesis Step added.
  • Triple Nemesis Step :B: (Rhamnous Strike): Deals 80 damage. On counter hit deals 120 damage.
  • Patroklos has been replaced by Elysium with Sophitia's SOULCALIBUR IV style.
α Patroklos:
  • While Crouching :3::B:::B: (just) (Shade Thrust): decreased 2nd input timing.
  • ag:B: (just) (Rising Red Moon): Now launches higher.
  • Now is just named Patroklos.
  • :A+B: (Scroll of Darkness): Now cannot hit people in the air.
  • :6::A+B: (assasin's Secret): No longer stuns opponent on counter hit or in combo.
  • During Possession :A::6: (just) (Phantom Scroll): Decreased damage (10->1)
  • :2::3::6::2::3::6::A+B+K: (Kong's Dance of Qi Tian Da Sheng): No longer can Guard Impact
  • :3::A:+:B: (Trick Bo): Increased startup
  • :1::A:+:B: (Dirty Bo): Can no longer Ring out.
  • Voice actress has been recast. Leixia is now voiced by Georgia Van Cuylenburg.
  • :6::B::A+B+K: (Sandland Battalion): Reverted damage (30->50).
  • :B::B::B: (Turnus Style Fusrious Drought): Opponent can no longer step 2nd attack.
  • There were no changes made to this character
Soul of Devil Jin:
  • There is now a selectable Devil Jin character on the character select screen.
  • Ezio is no longer selectable if you play with a new controller. This is to prevent pirates from playing Ezio with illegally obtained controllers.
I don't know about you guys, but I liked the idea of another CE done with 214214A+B+K
That's funny you know, 'cause that was exactly what I'd thought they would do for an SCVI. Hahaha.

When I finished read all of that, I was thinking, 'WHAT KIND OF FUCKING PATCH IS THIS?!!'

-You got Ivy's stank behind on more buffs with 5 stances. True, she had more stances on SCII, but she's already a dominating force even in this game.

-Maxi there would be cool, but at the same time broken...

-Pyrrah's is funny as hell.

-Raphael,... why for any GREAT reason does this man NO LONGER have any horizontals? (-_`)

-Astaroth has throws, ALL OF THEM being implied, that are unbreakable... ('TF?!)

-PO with a triple step. Hope you like getting kebobbed from more than a half screen away. Someone might as well say, 'Hey, lets bring back AMY with her Amaryllis step, so we can can pull off cheesy CE's to fools from anywhere in the stage.'

-Vi0la's combos reached their contract.

-E.I.N.'s gone on strike.

-EDIT: Our beloved Alpha S.O.B. is now just called Pat.

-EDIT: You'd bring the 'B' back by bringing back her style to the Soul Calibur apparition.

-Tira would be even more random than needed.

-And what's with Dampierre having his CE go from 90 damage to FULL LIFE?

-Wow, forget about CVS3...this is the funniest "BAZINGA" of a gaming joke I've ever read!
WTF? dam these are BIG CHANGES? man i hope this dosent ruin the game, no GI's? safe movement? gaurd burst recovers fully between rounds? wow i can already see the turtleing punishers wow im not even good at just gaurding, man im not sure about this

EDIT: nice one buddy april fools
I got so happy on the first half, but at the bottom when it started talking about cervantes, I was like, its too good to be true!! But the Z.W.E.I one really made me laugh though, good joke though you guys good joke.
At first I was like "Well this sounds nice" but then I kept reading and was like "Okay what is this nonsense?" and then I realized it wasn't real and had a good chuckle.
Still, I wouldn't mind a second Critical Edge for each character.
I read the first line "It is now possible to block at all times during movement by holding the guard button." and knew it was an aprils fool.
I would've also loved to see some age jokes. Like...

  • Due to his age, has a random chance of heart attack at any moment.
You should have trolled those who wanted the old meterless GI + 6G/4G input back, instead of going with removing them entirely.
My heart dropped as i read the thread name - but then laughed so hard as i got into the details. I really need to buy a calendar!

Great 4/1 everyone! Hope no1 got trolled too hard (except for me)
Several good ones, but my favorite is still from the fake 1.02 notes when Ezio was only playable with a constant internet connection.
Damn. Does it still count if you read this after April 1st? Can I tell people I DIDNT fall for it, on account it was the 2nd when I read it?


that maxi one was for me huh? LOOOOOOOL
i thought it was real lol untill i started reading the comments. I was like "NOOO! VIOLA IS GONNA SUCK"
If at any point any of you players thought these were real, you should kindly remove yourself from any balance, tier or design discussions until you brush up on how things work in the game engine. Seriously.

For me this is the greatest April fools day ever on sheer exposure.
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