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Welcome to the Soulcalibur II HD Online Assassin Soul Arena!
Hello and welcome to the Soul Arena Directory for Assassin in Soulcalibur II HD Online. I am Mage, and I'm currently overseeing the Soulcalibur II Soul Arenas until appropriate moderators are selected for each arena. If you'd like to apply for a moderating position, please contact either Lobo or SCPartisan. Remember, you must be able to do lots of hard work often without any thanks given, and you must be willing to actively improve and update the Soul Arena and the wiki of that character. I am also guessing you'll have to pass a basic background check (e.g. warning/ban history, report history or posting history).

Below will be a list of the most important or most useful threads when the moderator updates it:

There are some rules I'd like every poster to abide by, and failure to comply could result with an infraction:
  • When thinking about posting, please use the threads provided by your forum moderator since this will mean less threads cluttering the Soul Arena. If you do post a new thread such as "Tips to beat ______" then your thread may be deleted and you may be warned by the moderator. Please use the threads that are there for this very purpose, in this example you would ask for help in the match-ups thread.
  • Storyline discussion is not allowed in the Soul Arenas. If anyone posts a thread about this in the Soul Arena, either I or your forum moderator will either move it to the appropriate forum for storyline discussion or it will be deleted. You will also be warned.
  • If you aren't sure where to post something, your best bet is to post in the General Discussion/Q&A Thread. If there is a better place that your post could be, your moderator will move it for you.
Lastly, the most absolute rule I would like you to abide by is:
  • Do not start or participate in flame wars. This is your first and only warning. ALL PARTICIPANTS will be warned and your posts deleted. If the flame war becomes out of the hands of your moderator, he/she will contact the Super Moderators or Admins. This goes double with forums moderators. If you are seen doing this, you will probably have your modship revoked.
Thanks for taking your time to read this thread, below this post will be the beginning of the Updates List for changes in the Soul Arena.


I'll make you submit!
Changes in the Soulcalibur II HD Online Voldo Soul Arena:
October 24th, 2013
  • Created the Assassin Soul Arena Directory
  • Completed the Assassin Soul Arena Directory
  • Created the Assassin Frame Data Listing.
  • Created the Assassin Combo Listing.
  • Created the Assassin Match-Up Listing.
  • Created the Assassin Video Discussion thread.
  • Created the Assassin Match-Up Discussion thread.
  • Created the Assassin Stance Information/Discussion thread.
  • Renamed the "Assassin Combo thread" to "Assassin Combo Discussion thread".
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