[Atlanta, GA] Who really lives in ATL anyway?

Discussion in 'United States: Atlantic' started by pixel09, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. SBA


    well im stll playin...might as well...we can also get some BB games in
  2. SBA


    just want to say congratz to RTD to basicly winning everything...super bowl it!
  3. Blues

    Blues [08] Mercenary

    ok, so whos still around?

    BLACKSTAR [10] Knight

    NOBODY........ -____- *so sad......*
  5. mikosu

    mikosu Goderator of pink hearts

    So...I'm back and everything. You people need to whoop a brotha back in shape. I'm back to havin' no PS3! Specifically let's raid sWoRD_LoRD's place so I can meet Blues, Blackstar, and any other newer peeps. Also SupHy let's do BB:CS mayne.
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  7. SBA


    yo BBCS, SC4, and MvC2 at Mikos house this weekend.

    BEENEEWEENEES lookin nice

    been saying this for a while but... car acquisition soon ~_~ i'm workin on it!
  9. speedking1254

    speedking1254 [09] Warrior

    yea me to i when looking for a few and none were in the ATL I WAS HEART BROKEN
  10. speedking1254

    speedking1254 [09] Warrior

    MAN I LIVE IN dekalb i can play a few
  11. speedking1254

    speedking1254 [09] Warrior

    hey man i live in decatur off gresham road hit me up on my borther phone 404 861 4340 text and ask for malcolm
  12. mikosu

    mikosu Goderator of pink hearts

    Call me mr coordinator. Gettin things poppin here again. When more of you post here I'll try to find a central place for sessions.
  13. speedking1254

    speedking1254 [09] Warrior

    hey man were do u live
  14. speedking1254

    speedking1254 [09] Warrior

    hey i have a ok size house we can play there just hit me up
  15. SBA


    speedking: good shit bro, im sure yull get better wen u get the ps3 controller down....and those jfs...lol
    shinji: fuckin hate amy
    mikosu: despite all the negatives you cant say it wasnt a fun night...
    dejuan and other guy: yo funny ass matches man, thanx for havin us
  16. speedking1254

    speedking1254 [09] Warrior

    hell it was cool i need to buy a ps3 so i can get the feel for it tho hell we can do it angin sometime
  17. mikosu

    mikosu Goderator of pink hearts

    Soofie: I ain't trippin'. If Asta is my kryptonite it gives me something to practice against. But don't the lubeless fun I gave you in all the other matches :D You're the most improved, and it brings tears to my manly eyes. You might be a mini-me and that's scary....in a cosmic sort of way.

    King of speed: Stop GI'ing so much like omg.

    Shinji: Luck was on yo side in that Sieg match nicca. We gon run that back. Uve improved thoug and that's what I love to see. GGs to your friends also.

    Missed my ATL scene. Glad to be back. Also I got a callback about a job. Call me Scrooge McDuck soon yo!
  18. xGHOSTxdog

    xGHOSTxdog [08] Mercenary

    I live in duluth..
  19. speedking1254

    speedking1254 [09] Warrior

    ahahahahh u know u like my gi'ing i was make nigthmaer like foolish ahah
  20. ShinjiUrahara

    ShinjiUrahara ATL's FINEST Leixia SA Mod

    Yeah good games guys. Surprised so many new faces popping up for SC in the ATL scene SC is known to be dead here. Anyways, had a great time would love to do it again after a couple training sessions because u guys have a lot of potential including Dejuan and Bones just need to be taught.

    ROFL at Dejuan's Amy vs Suphy that match should've gotten recorded.

    Mikosu- Next time u get a streak going don't quit nicca! 4-0 aint shit my xia wants her revenge >:-(

    SpeedKing- Yu Gi Oh soon bruh

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