[Atlanta, GA] Who really lives in ATL anyway?

Discussion in 'United States: Atlantic' started by pixel09, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. SBA


    im leaving to stay in SoCal next week and i wanna game with ATL one more time before i do it.
  2. xGHOSTxdog

    xGHOSTxdog [08] Mercenary

    GGs to Mikosu and Suphy!!!!! I learned alot, You guys gave me the motavation I needed. You got the JUICE!
  3. KillerDNA

    KillerDNA [01] Neophyte

    360tag- LordKillerDNA (might use another if service is out)
  4. SmokeMaxX

    SmokeMaxX [06] Combatant

    Hey guys, I know it's a long drive, but A.R.K. III (one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the South) is coming up on April 2nd at Conway Gaming Center in Conway, AR! We are expecting at least ~120 people at this tournament featuring games such as Arcana Heart 3, Blazblue: CS, Melee, Brawl, Project: M, SSF4, Tekken 6, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and more! We will have a recording station available for you to record whichever matches you deem necessary (just work it out with the station manager). If you have ANY questions, please post on here or on the official tournament thread where you can find more details about the event located at http://www.8wayrun.com/threads/apr-...sf4-mvc3-t6-bb-ah3-smash-more-conway-ar.6791/. Please try to make it and show your support not only for us, but for the Regional Fighting Game community as a whole. Thanks guys!

    PS: I'm sorry if I cluttered up your thread. Just trying to raise awareness for people who might otherwise not have seen our tournament. Know that if you have any questions, I will be checking this (and the official tournament thread) daily to address any potential issues/problems. Thanks again!
  5. sephalump

    sephalump Video games kill people

    Hey guys its nothing really serious, or even probably but you guys have anything planned around the week of the 31st? Visiting my girlfriend for spring break. I doubt her mom would really be into driving me to one but it'd be a neat possibility. Anything planned?
    P.S. it'd be both of us. Myself and Rachael. She doesn't play but considering I'm there for 6 days then our next visit is summer I'm not willing to give up GF time for SC. No offence to you guys :).
  6. CEO 2011's 2 month countdown is about to begin.. it's the ONLY MAJOR east-coast tournament hosting/streaming SCIV. Everyone in the South Eastern region should make it and represent for Calibur!! This is looking to be big, show your support.

    CEO 2011 FGC Orlando, FL June 10th-12th / Check here for lot's more info !!
  7. ShinjiUrahara

    ShinjiUrahara ATL's FINEST Leixia SA Mod

    Anyone wanna meet and session let me know I have been in contact with RTD and Swordlord and they are willing to play. Also, there are some mediocre calibur players in the area that would love to join so hey the more the merrier! get at me
  8. Laswagga

    Laswagga [09] Warrior

    I'm always down to play with you guys. Where are you trying to meet up and play at though?
  9. Blues

    Blues [08] Mercenary

    I JUST picked this back up last night after more of the E3 SC5 news. last time i played this game competitively with swordlord and others was like..2 years now? lol. i wanna get back in the groove before 5 , let me know if anyone is planning anything. i cant seem to play worth beans anymore..yet.
  10. ShinjiUrahara

    ShinjiUrahara ATL's FINEST Leixia SA Mod

    Hey bro Im Tim nice to meet you man... I'm the host and organizer of sessions in Atl now along with the help of Swordlord and Mikosu. We defintiely need to get a session going but I'm in FL right now on vacation I will be back probably tomorrow. I'll inbox you my number so you can hit me up and we can go from there.
  11. ShinjiUrahara

    ShinjiUrahara ATL's FINEST Leixia SA Mod

    Im putting together a session this Satuday prolly at my house or sword lords... PM me for more info.

    BEENEEWEENEES lookin nice

    anyone wanna try to do something this sunday, 7/17? i know it's a bit short notice, mikosu is down and i'm up for anything
  13. ShinjiUrahara

    ShinjiUrahara ATL's FINEST Leixia SA Mod

    Hey it's a session tomorrow at RTD's place around 5:00 p.m. all is welcome please contact me or him for more info. if you need my number send me an inbox message.
  14. ShinjiUrahara

    ShinjiUrahara ATL's FINEST Leixia SA Mod

    Session at RTD's place tomorrow @ 5:30p.m. food will be given...
  15. ShinjiUrahara

    ShinjiUrahara ATL's FINEST Leixia SA Mod

    Hey guys I am back in atlanta again if anyone is interested in getting a session together let me know here or inbox me.

    BLACKSTAR [10] Knight

    anybody up for sessions? i don't live in atl, but i'd really want to play some atliens for NEC training

    also, I would like to hold some small tournaments/sessions (calibur/marvel/maybe vf if interested) up there. But, again, I don't have a place up there, so I need to search for a venue. Anyone know where a good place to start is?
  17. LoneWolfTifa

    LoneWolfTifa [06] Combatant

    A little early, but is anyone going to Momocon? I'm hoping they'll have an SC5 tourney there since the con takes place March 16-18....
  18. speedking1254

    speedking1254 [09] Warrior

    Sure why not man
  19. mikosu

    mikosu Goderator of pink hearts

    UMvC3 soon. Get hype GA 8WR!
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  20. ShinjiUrahara

    ShinjiUrahara ATL's FINEST Leixia SA Mod

    Yo FR15 is around the corner we need to get as much training as possible for all possible games listed I have a few and im sure others can provide the rest. If anyone who is interested in a session let me know on here or inbox so i can make arrangements. Thank you.

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