[Aug 1, 2014] EBO 2014 (East Brandenburg Open) - We are back! (Wriezen, Brandenburg)


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Thanks to Partisan the player list in the first post has been updated, because I can no longer edit it.

Another former EBO-champion has registered:
  • Malek


[14] Master
I will most likely make it to EBO and play the tournament, how to register?

You need to align several german bratwursts as a pentagram on the floor. Sprinkle mustard on all of them while screamin Heil EBOOOOOOOO . You will summon G.O.D. Mistmöhre who will take the participation fee in cash, then disappear. He will take all wurst with him .

If it doesnt work just go ahead and pay 24 EURO via paypal, @Kalas will give you the adress. You will be automatically registered then. The 24 Euros covers all the wurst.


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Whats with the other players? Mayu? Takin?
Still want to join EBO?

Btw the list in the first post is wrong, we are allready more players right now


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Thanks to Partisan the first post here has been updated:

Added to registered:
  • _Maxi_
  • PB*Neo4Life
  • PB*Adamas
  • Grim
  • Fleshmasher
  • Rome
  • PB*Kappa
  • Jag the Gemini

Happy and GOLD Shad from France are also interested.


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Looking forward to watching this event play out. Best of luck to everyone attending. =]