Battle Fantasia Players Club!


[08] Mercenary
I saw this in action today.

Deathbringer is legit. So is Urd or whatever that kid with the airbike glowing chainsaw cannon's name is.

Watson the cat is badass, too.


[09] Warrior
Yeah, Shen beat me to it. It's interesting how ridiculously simple some of the charas are, like Deathbringer. After enough time with other fighters it feels so slow o_O


[08] Mercenary
Ya'll got me interested now. BoringRyu, I already have you on my friends list from VF5 so after I mess around a bit, you can help me get "caught up" in this game. I'll try to pick it up tonight.


[08] Mercenary
fffffffffffffff I'm gonna have to stop reading these threads for a while because every time I do I wanna play this even more x_x


[09] Warrior
This game seems to be recieved well over at SRK.

I'll be picking this up in the beginning of November when I get back from the sandbox.