Best EVO Party. Period.

Best EVO Party. Period.
Posted by SoreThumbs
Sore Thumbs Video Games
Saturday, July 16, 2016 - 11:00 AM
Until: Saturday, July 16, 2016 - 11:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: America/New_York)

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[08] Mercenary
We're putting those laggy Vizios to good use by having as many EVO stream channels up as our internet will allow. And we're doing tourneys on Asuses & CRT's before, during, and after!

Location: 1479 S Belcher Rd. Unit FF Largo, FL 33771 (in the Circle K plaza; look for the Gamers on the Edge banner outside)

Main games:
Doors open & Smash reg begins - 11am
Sm4sh doubles - 12pm noon
Melee doubles - 1pm
Sm4sh singles - 3pm
Melee singles - 4pm
Skullgirls - 4:30 pm
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator - 6pm
Street Fighter V - 8pm
Mortal Kombat XL - 9:30pm
Ult Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 10pm

Side tournies:
Pokken - 5pm
Soul Calibur V - 5:30pm (Soul Calibur 2 HD run by Kasparous after)
Persona 4 Ultimax - 7pm
Killer Instinct - 7:30 pm
Ultra SF4 - 9pm

Extra games:
Nidhogg (2pm), Divekick (5pm), Knight Squad (7pm), Towerfall Ascension (10:30pm)

$10 door fee for competitors who click GOING on Facebook AND PRE-REG on (OTHERWISE $15 at the door); will be reduced $5/person if you carpool with 3 or more competitors (doubles reg & payment will be handled on site in case you don't have a partner or your partner flakes)

$10 per main game/team
$5 buy-in for each side tourney game
$2 to All Children's Hospital for extra games (fun prizes in the works just ask Mic Lorenzo about last year's :)
As has been our standard for years, spectators & casual players are FREE!
Payouts 40/30/20/10% for brackets of 32 competitors or less; payouts to 5th or 6th if more than 32; payouts up to 8th place if we get a regional turnout of 80+

Reg closes 5 minutes before the start time of your game.
Rules will mirror CEO
Bring your own controller or fightstick.