Best of SCIV: Siegfried

Who was SCIVs best Siegfried player?


    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • DTN

    Votes: 7 12.5%
  • Ice Cold Edge

    Votes: 9 16.1%
  • Pantocrator

    Votes: 38 67.9%
  • SamSam AKA Sixstyle

    Votes: 2 3.6%

  • Total voters


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LOL - Jian didn't even make the list. Who decided on this poll?!?!
That said, no brainer:
Pantocrator for making the US team look like a crew of scrubs until Thugish showed up.
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Holy Moly
LOL fixed. I have to copy paste like 8 things from at least 3 pages each time.

Since you asked, I'm not sure exactly who determines the players for each poll but I assume it's a number of the French players.


[14] Master
Since you asked, I'm not sure exactly who determines the players for each poll but I assume it's a number of the French players.
Who seem to only be considering EU players, Jian isn't Panto, but he has waaaaay more right to be on this list than half the players on there. ~_~


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I agree that ICE should be on that list. Offbeat Ninja should also be mentioned I think, from what I recall, his sieg got him pretty far. Unfortunately I don't know the entrants well enough to vote, though I know of the reputation of a couple.


A Soul in the Purgatory
The fact that both Partisan and I are not on the list is definitive proof that this list is terrible.


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But I voted for you Sachaja!!

OK so I voted for Panto, but if it had a been a vote on the most charming, inspiring, kind-hearted and dry-witted of all the Siegfried players, it still would have been Panto, but after that it would have been you!

9/10. Almost had me there. But "kind-hearted" gave you away.


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Who do you think was the best Siegfried player in the world for SoulCaliburIV? Vote between the five contenders!

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SAMSAM (AKA Sixstyle)

My vote: Sixstyle/SamSam. But srsly, though. What, no "Me!" choice lol. But really so, some of these I question why they were picked.
Sixstyle / SamSam :
Gonna go right out and say it. This was an awesome fight! The Dems was no chump using Cervantes, he didn't spam iGDR (I don't think he even used it at all), but both of them gave each other a run for their money. Now, however this match is seemingly boring in the beginning, since neither are rushing off to lop off some heads. I have no nitpicks (at least none worth mentioning) here for either of them.
Prrof :
I would also love to fight either of those two!. ✌(‘ω’)


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Pantocrator :
Knew what he was doing at 0:29-0:34 and 0:53-0:57, but that's just mostly 8-Way Run so..
0:59-1:23, he hesitated to make attacks and tried going defensive, allowing Ivy to corner him (metaphorically, of course) with her attacks.
At 1:47 Ivy continued to corner him, and his Soul Gauge was on the verge of breaking, so he needed to either dodge and attack or the easier way, go on the offensive, and try your best to guard impact what comes your way if at all possible. But he kinda did neither and pulled through.
2:19-2:25 was a nice combo. Loved how he did some mind-fucking at 4:01-4:07 and 4:47-4:53, but at 4:51-4:53 I would have done and SCH B and not K, K. Nevertheless, he's runner-up 'cause I can just TELL he's skilled and knows what he's doing.


[08] Mercenary
Fiddled around too much. Got too scared of Nightmare at the end. Nitpickinghere but, you do WR A and not flow to SSH? Again why wouldn't you do Piecing Hilt (4A)?
Overall, I can easily tell DTN was using Siegfried defensively against Nightmare.
Regardless, he wasn't bad nor was he good, thus 3rd-place is quite fitting, since its the neutral placement out of 5.