BlxckJxck's Original CaS Collection


[03] Disciple
This is my collection of original characters that I created from the Create-a-Soul mode. This is really my first time deep diving into the CaS mode in a SoulCalibur game. I have used it before in SoulCalibur 3 but not in the other games (I only played the demo of SC4 or and never played SC5). So most of the characters will look a little simple and straight-forward. Right now, I'm only showcasing some of the characters and will add the rest of the collection later once they're done. I will tweak all of them over time once new content gets added to the game but I'm satisfied with their current looks for now. I will also some details about them later down the line. I hope you guys like these characters. Comments/feedback is welcomed!

gold text = personal favorites

KITSUNE, A vengeful swordswoman



ARAGAMI, The red demon






AVA, The greedy assassin






ELLA, An elite organization member







DARIUS, A mysterious warrior









[08] Mercenary
Greetings my friend :D! You have most cool and decent looking creations here ;). While they do look rather plain, they are still solid creations. The way you present them works well: enough screenshots from different angles and with different poses for the reviewer to grasp the their overall look and how they look like as their equipments gets destroyed as well as in different daytimes. In the future you could also had screenshots as to how they look like in action in gameplay. But you already have a very solid Foundation as to how you present them. So kudos for starting so strong so early ;).

Out of all of them, facial look WISE Kitsune and Ella caught my attention mostly. Kitsunes face sure has that certain vengegullnes on it with her stern look and scar on her lips while still looking pretty with her blue hair. Ella looks also beatiful with her pink hair, nicely chosen facecolouring and neat addition of rose ExEq to her eyebatch to give her that pretty yet stern agent look as she should have.

Equipment WISE they are all solid and look good. Equipment choiches compliment one another and form nice and simple looking gear concepts. You have also used ExEq choices on some of them, like with Ella and Ava to give them a bit more unique look, but I do recommend you to try somehow using all three slots for ExEq someway with the future CASs to give them that certain creativity factor. You have a good start with them, just be more braver with them ;).

Considering their colouring and patterning you have done mostly well. Flower patterning on Kitsunes kimono bring her otherwise rather plain looking costume some much needed detailing while still fitting to her concept. You could add some more details on her through more equipment or ExEq though, as she now looks a bit too simple for me. Kinda same thing with Darius, as I don´t see much of chance colourwise on his Azwel attire. His sword though looks nice and fits his mysterious theme well. You added a nice detail to Kitsunes underwear of looking like bleeding wounds after taking cloth destroying damage.

The most appealing creation to me out of this batch is also your favorite Aragami. His concept differs significantly from others and his red colour theme and colourfull pants caught me eye compared to others. Actually TOO well. The red ( especially on his pants ) and other colours on him are way too bright, unrealistic and make his sword look too simple. So tuning down his red colours would make wonders to his otherwise nice look with the demon mask, horns, demon like looking arms of Yoshimitsu and sticker on his back.

Overall this is a very nice starting batch for your CAS thread. As a more experienced member here and on behalf of my fellow CAS-artists I humbly welcome you to our CAS-artist circle :D! With this update I´m eager to see what you will come up with next ;).


[03] Disciple
Thank you Herr-Krieg for the comment. Sorry that I am just now responding to it, I've just been dealing with personal life matters. I appreciate the feedback you have given me so far on my work. I am already working on some more characters but I will make updates (that you've suggested) to the ones I've shown so far. I will also be posting some information on these characters and the next set of characters soon.


[08] Mercenary
Thank you Herr-Krieg for the comment. Sorry that I am just now responding to it, I've just been dealing with personal life matters. I appreciate the feedback you have given me so far on my work. I am already working on some more characters but I will make updates (that you've suggested) to the ones I've shown so far. I will also be posting some information on these characters and the next set of characters soon.
You are most welcome my friend ;). I understand your delay, I too have been having obstacles to answer folks here, one of such being ill and having a nasty flue. I´m most eagerly waiting for your next updates and further information ;).


[03] Disciple
Sup everyone,

So I have been working on some new characters and tweaking the current ones I've shown so far. As I mentioned before I will also be posting extra details on the characters. These extra details mostly refer to their title and design. I've recently just finished two writing details on two characters and I'm still working on the others. The two characters are Aragami and Kitsune.

I'm almost done with another new character I've been working on for quite a bit. He is my "Libra of Souls" character. I'm still making some small tweaks to him along with the current set of characters I've shown so far. I will reveal him and the updates to the current set later on.

KITSUNE, A vengeful swordswoman

Hanae Akamatsu was once the wife of a talented samurai and the daughter of a respected daimyo. She was a friendly and beautiful woman who respected among her peers and loved by her family and friends. Living a happy life with her loving husband until one night they were attacked by a mysterious assailant. While she had survived the attack, she lost both her home and husband. This had left her with grief and anger and so she vowed to get revenge for her husband.

  • She dyed her hair blue and wears a mask because she wants to hide her identity. So that word doesn't get around about her still being alive and her target comes to hunt her down again before she could prepare herself to face him.
  • She is using one of her husband's katanas.
  • The assailant that attacked her and her husband was the "red demon".






ARAGAMI, The red demon

Kazu Tomoya is a cold-hearted and violent killer who was once a pupil of the legendary ninja, Yoshimitsu. When his mentor had taught him his deadly arts & techniques, Kabuto began to misuse them for senseless murder. He was soon kicked from the Majin Clan for his violent actions but it didn't stop him from committing more murder. So he downs an oni mask and becomes the masked murderer, Aragami.

  • His name, "Aragami", means violent god. It fits his cold and deadly personality.
    • I also gave him this name because I was playing a lot of God Eater at the time and couldn't think of a better name.
    • The back tattoo was added to also go with his name and overall design scheme.
  • His first victims were Hanae and her husband.
  • The metal plating on his arms is just his armor.







[07] Duelist
These are some solid creations I especially like Aragami. The little backstories you have for them are a nice touch and your influence for Kitsune is really good.


[03] Disciple

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a bunch of stuff but I've finally finished two more characters. One of them is my reworked "Libra of Souls" character. I took Herr-Krieg's advice on using ExEq and colors and applied it to these new characters (along with others). I am still working on updating the first set (Kitsune, Aragami, Ella, etc.) and I also still have to work on Ella's and Ava's backstories next. In the meantime, I hope you guys like these two new characters. I would like to introduce, ALVIS and AMIA.

ALVIS, A traveling Scion







AMIA, The lover of the Scion







Also, one more thing I'd like to mention, I am still learning to use the ExEq and making my characters stand out a bit more. As I mentioned before this is my first time using CaS ever and I am learning some new techniques from other creators and lurking in some threads (sorry). As I progress I will make my characters look better and more interesting.


[07] Duelist
It's good that you used ExEq more on your recent characters but a lack of patterns or stickers makes Alvis a little bland. Since Scion is in his title I would assume that Alvis is a noble, I would add one of the western patterns to his shirt to help signify this. I like what you did with Amia's skirt and the floral theme but it is all located on the bottom of the character which makes her top seem bland. Adding a floral pattern or sticker to her top would help a lot to even out her character and you could maybe add a rose to her headband to even it out further. I like what you where trying to do with this batch but it could use some improvement.