CjHN2's SoulCalibur VI CAS Thread


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CC - Bunny.png

CC - Bunny 2.png

CC - Bunny (Code Geass)

Kohatsu - Workout 2.png

Kohatsu - Workout 3.png

Kohatsu - Workout 4.png

Kohatsu - Workout


Psylocke 2.png

Psylocke 3.png

Psylocke (X-Men)

Sophie Cage - Workout.png

Sophie Cage - Workout 2.png

Sophie Cage - Workout 4.png

Sophie Cage - Workout 5.png

Sophie Cage - Workout (Demon Hunters)

Kuroka - Circus.png

Kuroka - Circus 2.png

Kuroka - Circus 3.png

Kuroka - Circus (High School DxD)
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Sophitia - 2B Cosplay A.png

Sophitia - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Sophitia - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Cassandra - 2B Cosplay.png

Cassandra - 2B Cosplay 2.png

The Alexandrias (Sophitia/Cassandra) - 2B Cosplay

Tira - 2B Cosplay.png

Tira - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Tira - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Tira - 2B Cosplay

Xianghua - 2B Cosplay.png

Xianghua - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Xianghua - 2B Cosplay

Seung Mina - 2B Cosplay.png

Seung Mina - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Seung Mina - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Seung Mina - 2B Cosplay

my personal favorites from this post: Tira and Sophitia


[09] Warrior
Chrisette - X Cosplay.png

Chrisette - X Cosplay 2.png

Chrisette - X Cosplay 3.png

Chrisette - X Cosplay

Seung-Mina - Sophitia Cosplay.png

Seung-Mina - Sophitia Cosplay 2.png

Seung-Mina - Sophitia Cosplay

Sophitia - Fire Goddess.png

Sophitia - Fire Goddess 3.png

Sophitia - Fire Goddess A.png

Sophitia - Fire Goddess Color Edit

My Xianghua Stream will be today around 1-4 PM CT for 45-60 minutes. If you're interested in watching, go to twitch.tv/CjHN3X.


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Edith - Modern Edit.png

Edith - Modern Edit 2.png

Edith - Modern Edit 3.png

Edith - Modern Edit

Tira - Oriental Christmas.png

Tira - Oriental Christmas 2.png

Tira - Oriental Christmas 3.png

Tira - Oriental Christmas

I had some issues with my PC/PS3 SnakeByte controller and its settings on Steam, yesterday; the Xianghua stream has been moved to Wednesday. I'll try to get it fixed today.


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Ukari Enhada.png

Ukari Enhada 2.png

Ukari Enhada 3.png

Ukari Enhada 4.png

Ukari Enhada (Utan's Midnight Bliss Form) [LunarFate - Fate/Grand Order (The New Hawaiian Order - 2007 AD)]

I thought about getting back into writing again; I have plans for a new arc in Fate/Grand Order. And guess what, she's going to be the feature character in this arc along with some of my other originals and new servants that I made for this arc. Hopefully, it'll be around April of next year before I can do that. I'm dialed in on SoulCalibur VI and gaming right now.


[09] Warrior
Seung Mina - Elegant Workout.png

Seung Mina - Elegant Workout 4.png

Seung Mina - Elegant Workout 3.png

Seung Mina - Elegant Workout

Christie Fox - SWO.png

Christie Fox - SWO 2.png

Christie Fox - SWO 3.png

Christie Fox - SWO 4.png

Christie Fox - SWO 5.png

Christie Fox - Spring/Winter Outfit (Demon Hunters - my upcoming story)


[09] Warrior
Tira - Ancient Goth.png

Tira - Ancient Goth 2.png

Tira - Ancient Goth 3.png

Tira - Ancient Goth

Sophitia - Ancient Belle.png

Sophitia - Ancient Belle 2.png

Sophitia - Ancient Belle 3.png

Cassandra - Ancient Belle.png

Cassandra - Ancient Belle 2.png

The Alexandrias - Ancient Belles

Miriam - SM Style.png

Miriam - SM Style 2.png

Miriam - SM Style 3.png

Miriam - Seung Mina Style

Miriam was my favorite legacy created character I made in SoulCalibur III, other than Geneva and Mitsuri. I actually had Miriam and Geneva originally fight like Seung Mina in SoulCalibur III. I hope Hwang makes a return to SoulCalibur VI so I can add Mitsuri to this thread. I'm going to be pissed if BandaiNamco doesn't add him in the next season.


[09] Warrior
Sophitia - Bunny.png

Sophitia - Bunny 3.png

Sophitia - Bunny 5.png

Sophitia - Bunny 6.png

Cassandra - Bunny.png

Cassandra - Bunny 2.png

Cassandra - Bunny 3.png

Cassandra - Bunny 4.png

The Alexandrias - Bunny

Xianghua - Bunny.png

Xianghua - Bunny 2.png

Xianghua - Bunny 3.png

Xianghua - Bunny 4.png

Xianghua - Bunny

2B - Bunny.png

2B - Bunny 2.png

2B - Bunny 3.png

2B - Bunny 4.png

2B - Bunny

Tira - Bunny.png

Tira - Bunny 2.png

Tira - Bunny 4.png

Tira - Bunny 3.png

Tira - Bunny

Seung Mina - Bunny.png

Seung Mina - Bunny 2.png

Seung Mina - Bunny

I wanted to release this earlier in October, but stuff happens. >:(

Hopefully, I'll release some more creations this month; I won't be too preoccupied with any ailments hindering me from what I do best - being a creator. I don't consider myself to be a fighting game player but first and foremost, I am a creator above all those things. Even though it doesn't look like it, I am one.
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Samantha - 2B Cosplay.png

Samantha - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Samantha - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Samantha - 2B Cosplay 4.png

Samantha - 2B Cosplay

Celine - 2B Cosplay.png

Celine - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Celine - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Celine - 2B Cosplay

Terra - 2B Cosplay.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay 4.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay 5.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay 6.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay

Cato - 2B Cosplay.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay 5.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay 4.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay


I'm feeling annoyed with how Season 2's going to turn out for me, now that's Hilde's making a triumphant return and critics being to sensitive towards female VG and Anime characters' designs.
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Naganami - Casual.png

Naganami - Casual 2.png

Naganami - Casual (Kantai Collection)

Suzuya - N.png

Suzuya - N2.png

Suzuya - N3.png

Suzuya - N4.png

Suzuya - Nurse (Kantai Collection)

Lisa - SWO.png

Lisa - SWO 2.png

Lisa - SWO 3.png

Lisa - SWO 4.png

Lisa - SWO 5.png

Lisa the Cat - Spring/Winter Outfit (Demon Hunters - my upcoming remake in 2020 . . . . . . .)


[09] Warrior
Tira - Sophitia Cosplay.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay 2.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay 3.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay 4.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay 6.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay

Alright you guys. I'm giving you people on this forum a fair warning. I don't like it when you oppress my creations and what happened yesterday on Draethion's stream on the chat was very disrespectful. I was born a creator and I take pride in what I do as a creator. So, you better watch yourselves.
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Sona Sitri - AS.png

Sona Sitri - AS 2.png

Sona Sitri - ??? (High School DxD)

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 2.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 3.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 4.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 5B.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 6.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 7.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 8.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 5A.png

Tsubaki Shinra - ??? (High School DxD

I know I've been very mean and rude to you and I apologize for what I did the past two days. Something triggered me to do what I did those days and I need to have better control over that. Next month will be hell for me and I can't afford to act like that, if I want to work for real this time.


[09] Warrior
Patchouli Knowledge - S.png

Patchouli Knowledge - S2.png

Patchouli Knowledge - S3.png

Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou)

I'll try to come up with more creations afterwards. Hopefully I'll try to run my stream today or Thursday. I'm going to be busy on Tuesday seeking employment in Louisiana.


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Ruth Mason - S.png

Ruth Mason - S2.png

Ruth Mason - S3.png

Ruth Mason - S4.png

Ruth Mason (Demon Hunters - my upcoming story in 2020)

Maxelle Estellina.png

Maxelle Estellina 2.png

Maxelle Estellina 3.png

Maxelle Estellina (Demon Hunters - my upcoming story in 2020)


Teni 2.png

Teni 3.png

Teni - School Uniform (Ikkitousen)

I'm starting a new series on YouTube for SoulCalibur VI called "Road To C-Rank". It will be featuring me playing with the Alexandrias (Sophitia/Cassandra) and Tira, as I try to get either one of them to C-Rank. Season 2 is going to be hell on earth this coming Wednesday when I begin this series, both ways. I'm going to crush these newcomers and I'm going to be destroyed by these vets.
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Rias Gremory - Hilde SC4 Cosplay.png

Rias Gremory - Hilde SC4 Cosplay 2.png

Rias Gremory - Hilde SC4 Cosplay 3.png

Rias Gremory - Hilde SC4 Cosplay (High School DxD)

Queen Medb - Armored.png

Queen Medb - Armored 3.png

Queen Medb - Armored 4.png

Queen Medb - Armored 2.png

Queen Medb - Armored (Fate/Grand Order)

Grecthen Massenberg.png

Grecthen Massenberg 2.png

Grecthen Massenberg 3.png

Grecthen Massenberg 4.png

Gretchen Massenberg (Original Creation From SoulCalibur III)

I'm liking how Gretchen turned out in Cassandra's style; she's another one of my favorite legacy created characters in SoulCalibur III along with Geneva, Miriam, Samantha, Edith and Celine.


[09] Warrior

Anita 2.png

Anita 3.png

Anita 4.png


Sophitia - Wedding A.png

Sophitia - Wedding A2.png

Sophitia - Wedding A3.png

Cassandra - Wedding A.png

Cassandra - Wedding A2.png

Cassandra - Wedding A4.png

Cassandra - Wedding A3.png

The Alexandrias (Sophitia/Cassandra) - Wedding

Xenovia - Wedding 2.png

Xenovia - Wedding 3.png

Xenovia - Wedding.png

Xenovia - Wedding (High School DxD)


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Edith - Hilde SC4 Cosplay.png

Edith - Hilde SC4 Cosplay 2.png

Edith - Hilde SC4 Cosplay 3.png

Edith - Hilde SC4 Cosplay 4.png

Edith - Hilde SC4 Cosplay (SC3 Rdendition)

Lily Hewitt.png

Lily Hewitt 2.png

Lily Hewitt 3.png

Lily Hewitt 4.png

Lily Hewitt 5.png

Lily Hewitt


Zakura 2.png

Zakura 3.png

Zakura 4.png

Zakura 5.png

Zakura [The Angra Maniyu Embodiment] (LunarFate Saga - My Type-Moon Fanfic)