CjHN2's SoulCalibur VI CAS Thread


[09] Warrior
CC - Bunny.png

CC - Bunny 2.png

CC - Bunny (Code Geass)

Kohatsu - Workout 2.png

Kohatsu - Workout 3.png

Kohatsu - Workout 4.png

Kohatsu - Workout


Psylocke 2.png

Psylocke 3.png

Psylocke (X-Men)

Sophie Cage - Workout.png

Sophie Cage - Workout 2.png

Sophie Cage - Workout 4.png

Sophie Cage - Workout 5.png

Sophie Cage - Workout (Demon Hunters)

Kuroka - Circus.png

Kuroka - Circus 2.png

Kuroka - Circus 3.png

Kuroka - Circus (High School DxD)
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Sophitia - 2B Cosplay A.png

Sophitia - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Sophitia - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Cassandra - 2B Cosplay.png

Cassandra - 2B Cosplay 2.png

The Alexandrias (Sophitia/Cassandra) - 2B Cosplay

Tira - 2B Cosplay.png

Tira - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Tira - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Tira - 2B Cosplay

Xianghua - 2B Cosplay.png

Xianghua - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Xianghua - 2B Cosplay

Seung Mina - 2B Cosplay.png

Seung Mina - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Seung Mina - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Seung Mina - 2B Cosplay

my personal favorites from this post: Tira and Sophitia


[09] Warrior
Chrisette - X Cosplay.png

Chrisette - X Cosplay 2.png

Chrisette - X Cosplay 3.png

Chrisette - X Cosplay

Seung-Mina - Sophitia Cosplay.png

Seung-Mina - Sophitia Cosplay 2.png

Seung-Mina - Sophitia Cosplay

Sophitia - Fire Goddess.png

Sophitia - Fire Goddess 3.png

Sophitia - Fire Goddess A.png

Sophitia - Fire Goddess Color Edit

My Xianghua Stream will be today around 1-4 PM CT for 45-60 minutes. If you're interested in watching, go to twitch.tv/CjHN3X.


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Edith - Modern Edit.png

Edith - Modern Edit 2.png

Edith - Modern Edit 3.png

Edith - Modern Edit

Tira - Oriental Christmas.png

Tira - Oriental Christmas 2.png

Tira - Oriental Christmas 3.png

Tira - Oriental Christmas

I had some issues with my PC/PS3 SnakeByte controller and its settings on Steam, yesterday; the Xianghua stream has been moved to Wednesday. I'll try to get it fixed today.


[09] Warrior
Ukari Enhada.png

Ukari Enhada 2.png

Ukari Enhada 3.png

Ukari Enhada 4.png

Ukari Enhada (Utan's Midnight Bliss Form) [LunarFate - Fate/Grand Order (The New Hawaiian Order - 2007 AD)]

I thought about getting back into writing again; I have plans for a new arc in Fate/Grand Order. And guess what, she's going to be the feature character in this arc along with some of my other originals and new servants that I made for this arc. Hopefully, it'll be around April of next year before I can do that. I'm dialed in on SoulCalibur VI and gaming right now.


[09] Warrior
Seung Mina - Elegant Workout.png

Seung Mina - Elegant Workout 4.png

Seung Mina - Elegant Workout 3.png

Seung Mina - Elegant Workout

Christie Fox - SWO.png

Christie Fox - SWO 2.png

Christie Fox - SWO 3.png

Christie Fox - SWO 4.png

Christie Fox - SWO 5.png

Christie Fox - Spring/Winter Outfit (Demon Hunters - my upcoming story)


[09] Warrior
Tira - Ancient Goth.png

Tira - Ancient Goth 2.png

Tira - Ancient Goth 3.png

Tira - Ancient Goth

Sophitia - Ancient Belle.png

Sophitia - Ancient Belle 2.png

Sophitia - Ancient Belle 3.png

Cassandra - Ancient Belle.png

Cassandra - Ancient Belle 2.png

The Alexandrias - Ancient Belles

Miriam - SM Style.png

Miriam - SM Style 2.png

Miriam - SM Style 3.png

Miriam - Seung Mina Style

Miriam was my favorite legacy created character I made in SoulCalibur III, other than Geneva and Mitsuri. I actually had Miriam and Geneva originally fight like Seung Mina in SoulCalibur III. I hope Hwang makes a return to SoulCalibur VI so I can add Mitsuri to this thread. I'm going to be pissed if BandaiNamco doesn't add him in the next season.


[09] Warrior
Sophitia - Bunny.png

Sophitia - Bunny 3.png

Sophitia - Bunny 5.png

Sophitia - Bunny 6.png

Cassandra - Bunny.png

Cassandra - Bunny 2.png

Cassandra - Bunny 3.png

Cassandra - Bunny 4.png

The Alexandrias - Bunny

Xianghua - Bunny.png

Xianghua - Bunny 2.png

Xianghua - Bunny 3.png

Xianghua - Bunny 4.png

Xianghua - Bunny

2B - Bunny.png

2B - Bunny 2.png

2B - Bunny 3.png

2B - Bunny 4.png

2B - Bunny

Tira - Bunny.png

Tira - Bunny 2.png

Tira - Bunny 4.png

Tira - Bunny 3.png

Tira - Bunny

Seung Mina - Bunny.png

Seung Mina - Bunny 2.png

Seung Mina - Bunny

I wanted to release this earlier in October, but stuff happens. >:(

Hopefully, I'll release some more creations this month; I won't be too preoccupied with any ailments hindering me from what I do best - being a creator. I don't consider myself to be a fighting game player but first and foremost, I am a creator above all those things. Even though it doesn't look like it, I am one.
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Samantha - 2B Cosplay.png

Samantha - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Samantha - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Samantha - 2B Cosplay 4.png

Samantha - 2B Cosplay

Celine - 2B Cosplay.png

Celine - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Celine - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Celine - 2B Cosplay

Terra - 2B Cosplay.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay 4.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay 5.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay 6.png

Terra - 2B Cosplay

Cato - 2B Cosplay.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay 2.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay 3.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay 5.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay 4.png

Cato - 2B Cosplay


I'm feeling annoyed with how Season 2's going to turn out for me, now that's Hilde's making a triumphant return and critics being to sensitive towards female VG and Anime characters' designs.
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Naganami - Casual.png

Naganami - Casual 2.png

Naganami - Casual (Kantai Collection)

Suzuya - N.png

Suzuya - N2.png

Suzuya - N3.png

Suzuya - N4.png

Suzuya - Nurse (Kantai Collection)

Lisa - SWO.png

Lisa - SWO 2.png

Lisa - SWO 3.png

Lisa - SWO 4.png

Lisa - SWO 5.png

Lisa the Cat - Spring/Winter Outfit (Demon Hunters - my upcoming remake in 2020 . . . . . . .)


[09] Warrior
Tira - Sophitia Cosplay.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay 2.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay 3.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay 4.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay 6.png

Tira - Sophitia Cosplay

Alright you guys. I'm giving you people on this forum a fair warning. I don't like it when you oppress my creations and what happened yesterday on Draethion's stream on the chat was very disrespectful. I was born a creator and I take pride in what I do as a creator. So, you better watch yourselves.
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Sona Sitri - AS.png

Sona Sitri - AS 2.png

Sona Sitri - ??? (High School DxD)

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 2.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 3.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 4.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 5B.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 6.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 7.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 8.png

Tsubaki Shinra - Tight 5A.png

Tsubaki Shinra - ??? (High School DxD

I know I've been very mean and rude to you and I apologize for what I did the past two days. Something triggered me to do what I did those days and I need to have better control over that. Next month will be hell for me and I can't afford to act like that, if I want to work for real this time.