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[13] Hero
well i thought about doing the four horsemen of the apocalypse so here they are

war his only existence is to burn, destroy, rape, and pillage for his enjoyment

famine reason he is fat is because is eat every body crops, and drinks everybody water

pestilence he goes about riding a giant cockroach and releasing gaseous plagues from his gourds

and finally death who goes about devouring the soul of the living by slaying them and then devouring them with his tongue in the middle of his stomach
You should add these to the Horseman challenge ... There was no time limit ...


[10] Knight
Ttibute to and updated version to chobeks venom all prasie go to him i only added gloves and tights

thanks again chobek u are good with CaS


[10] Knight
Wow, I'm late for the party xD
Lord Zedd and Spawn are DIVINE!!!

Also, this idea on Rogue's hair is simply briliant.

Think you can make some more Spawn characters?


[10] Knight
when i get myself a new flash drive ill start making more characters, and yes i will be making more spawn characters. for right now im just editing my characters to make them better:sc2spw1:


[10] Knight
reedit of my wolverine except with no mask . some credit goes to chobek for giving me the idea to do his hair . and more credit goes her as a mold that i used



[10] Knight
Don't you know who the fuck I am? I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!


silver samurai