cool creations


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WHat about Captain Britain or the Shadow King from the New Excalibur mini-series?
The Fury would also be interesting.

I think your Onslaught looks a bit...tiny? .-.


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more twilight princess creations and edits also majora's mask creations

ganondorf edited

midna imp form

zant i got the formula from a friend of mine named skip dropshots

the mini-boss from the arbiter grounds temple death sword
now majoras mask creations

the only aliens in the inter series Them

zora link


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Liked Vegeta's hair.

I wonder if someon will find a better way to make it =)

You could try making a Z Vegeta with that hair..


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just did a touch up on ichigos second hollow form

and 2 new creations the first is my favorite robot out of all the fallout series and would grt behind if we built him for president- liberty prime

and last a original demon vampire



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2 new eva units from neo genesis evangelion

mass production eva unit 5-12 from the movie end of evangelion

unit 1 in 2.0 mode from the movie rebuild evangelion u cannot advance
now for a beast wars transformer

dinobot a true warrior even in death
and last DC zombie

solomon grundy


I don't know.
Nice recent bunch, man. That Eva 5-12 dealie looks like it has some potential to be tweaked into a good original character(or maybe it's just my crazy train of thought derailing itself like usual?), DINOBOT!!!(exclamations: that is all), and the originals look like they had a pretty good amount of thought put into them.


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here is the request a go thread batman that looked like it was from medieval times

so i decided after making batman i would make the villains also
so first up is joker

next catwoman

next penguin