Daigo : Street Fighter = This guy : Tetris


WR B, NSS A+B, GS KK, W!, 4KK, 33B, GSB
Invisible Tetris to? Ok he has to have a perfect photographic memory to do something like that, that quickly.


[09] Warrior
I've seen players on the same level for the first three minutes on XBL(original Xbox). Only there were shadows, but the speed is the same. After that, the guy goes into hyper-drive. As impressive as that was, it doesn't compare to the godliness of doing invisible Tetris and surviving through the credits. That's insane!


The name of that game is Tetris: The Grand Master. Its special edition of the game made just for tournaments. Its been around for a long time. The things to note is that the level of the game goes up for each block dropped. When you reach level 999, the game goes invisible and the credits start rolling.