Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

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    I need to stop smoking so much weed....
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    Guide to being successful at 3.1/5 alpha.

    Step 1. Get opponent to wall.

    Step 2. Laugh
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    Yup. I see no fault in your tutorial.
  4. Xianghuafan85

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    I must get this game
  5. NinjaCW

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    From the demo Hayabusa has really good instant launch options that can lead to damage. His launchers are much faster that lead to that damage anyway.

    The wall needs to stay the way it is honestly in a game like DoA where the holds can be used at anytime. If you have a tool that can be used to stop momentum at 90% of the time you need ways to get damage that doesn't lean towards it. So far the holds do very low damage unless it's an advanced counter and at the least CH or HCH.

    For the time being they have taken out ground bounce combos so not sure if they will put that back in the game or not. After wall splats you can get a small wall combo btw. Hitomi gets p,p,p and I think busa gets his air throw which all tack on decent damage for post combo.

    The thing I noticed the most is that everything doesn't stun and you can actually slow escape most of the stuns forcing people to fully commit to extending mini stuns. The thing now is that there are moves that leave the opponent in a pure guessing situation of take small launch for minimal damage or get thrown for massive damage.
  6. SolidSonic

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    I'm not sure how appropriate it is but I'd like a "perfect" stun state added that can guarantee the next hit at least for the first couple of frames (it'd be a very small window but a window where you can attack completely unopposed). Can't do anything huge in it but they would be unable to execute a counter after being put into the state.

    There ought to be an opportunity for guaranteed combos, even if they're few and far between.

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    Come on Brad!!! Im really trying to see if im going to like this game or not.

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  13. UNDERX

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    CAN'T WAIT!!! :D
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    Yeah, the old "DOA3-fan" in me is a little hyped as well. ^^
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    Talim JP
    Lei Fang had her Bday 4/23 so I can only hope...
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    GASP!! It was her birthday. What was I doing?
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    Oh Kokoro, please show yourself......what? Pocky Yoshi wants to see her. >.<;
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    Why did they decide to put this on the PS3?? The last DOA Game on a Sony Platform is DOA2 Hardcore for the PS2...

    Tomonobu Itagaki only made it for the Xbox & the 360
  18. KaiBro

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    Is it bad to have it on different consoles?
  19. MGirard

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    The last DoA game on a Sony platform was Dead or Alive Paradise for PSP and since DoA has been on other platforms beside Xbox is it really that big of a deal.
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