[Dec 5, 2014] Northeast Championship VX Anniversary - 12/5 - 12/7 (Essington Pa)


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I can't see this today, but I will be watching the finals tomorrow , Xeph is taking this home, calling it now.


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looks like the Big Macs beat the French fries Kappa
That said good show from Xeph and Woahzz, also mad props to Shad tho, the only French that really matters :D


First off, awesome and smoothly ran tournament from Avylon. It seems you guy's get better and better. There was, like, absolutely zero problems with the tournament. You guy's rock.

Shoutouts to all those who competed. This tournament was so stressful, and so very demanding in terms of stamina, skill, and pressure. Congrats to all of top 8. @IRM I am officially a fan. You are the next best thing in SCV. Make it happen. @Blueboyb you had an excellent showing, but didn't quite close it out VS the French Powerhouse that is @GolD ShaD ! He will be at Final Round. I expect you to be present and show him why you are feared in the states. @Party Wolf you looked so strong in pool play. You VS Partisan was a prime example of how smart you are in this game. I don't know what happened on Sunday, but there's always Final Round. Congratulations you guys on being exactly what we said you were- top players. @Fuzion you came out of nowhere! I won't sit here and lie to you- I thought you were going to be slept on, but I didn't expect you to take out so many monsters! You are a monster. I hope to see you present at more tournaments. You have my PSN, hit me up for games. @Woahhzz I am always so afraid to fight you. I'm happy it worked out in my favor, though, and it was an all American Grand Final at a stacked tournament with multiple foreign bodies present. You were such a fucking boss when you eliminated Shad and Ruka.

@crna_ruka in my opinion, you were the biggest surprise to me. I figured you were good- but I didn't imagine you were as solid, and smart as you actually are. Thank you for the games. You really showed me a kind of different view on how Patroklos can be played. Your pressure is amazing. Good games.

@GOLD Rock , aside from Gold Shad, you were the most impressive of players from the French group. Your Natsu is very different from what I'm used to. You have an odd way of approaching the Pyrrha match up. I was confused at times, haha! We have excellent Natsu players in USA, but your approach differs greatly from the play her. If you keep practicing, you will be someone I watch out for at Final Round. Also, you defeating Reptile is no easy task! Congratulations!

@GolD ShaD you are a monster. Very high level play from your apat. Your execution and optimal punishment game is strong. I think you put the fear in some of our players at NECXV! I cannot wait to see how well you do at Final Round! American's will not go down easy, and we proved it at NEC! Good games, friend.

@Deus-Kaliya thank you for the Deusmentes qualification. Hopefully I will be seeing the French community in 2015!
@SiLvEr Dratak You have very good fundamentals, but are very predictable with Pyrrha. Keep growing, keep learning, you can be stronger. Also, thank you for the 66B 2BB combo!

Good games all around. I'll be aiming to make FINAL ROUND. Hope to see you all there again.