[Dec 5, 2014] Northeast Championship VX Anniversary - 12/5 - 12/7 (Essington Pa)


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Hey @eric , looks like I might have a family gathering to attend thos weekend so my attendance is in doubt. Going to have to rescind my volunteering to run the Soul Calibur tournament(s). However, @InsaneKhent volunteered and he's a perfectly capable TO and a really nice guy. Hope you all have a blast.

GolD ShaD

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I make the tournament in London on October 25th and Bitter I take charge with taking plane tickets for the NEC! If the players always help me, I come!

GolD ShaD

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How we make for the players that they want to donate me? Paypal? I would be there:)

Obviously I would donate if an American player wants to participate in the ROF 4 in February! Thanks to all ^^


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Get your rooms fast.

To book your room please contact the Reservations Departments at
610-521-9600 and ask to make a reservations for NEC Philly.

$99 plus tax for Single

$109 plus tax for Double

$119 plus tax for triple

$129 plus tax for Quad(number of people in room) lol if you tell that you fault lol.

Last year we sold the hotel by Nov. so please don't wait.


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could you tell us when the SCV tournament ends?
Because we wants maybe return to France sunday afternoon. But if the tournament ends sunday, this is problematic.

Party Wolf




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Lol, that post is still going? PW... you've been here long enough to know that delusion is the lifeblood of this community. Hell it's the lifeblood of the FGC altogether.
I am the least disillusional in all of the world. I speak truth.


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You're very good man. You definitely have a chance to win. No one is denying that. But once you think you're untouchable, that is absolutely delusional. Even the best players lose.

Honestly it doesn't matter who won what come NEC. Just matters who's doin work the day of.


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So is an SCIIHD tournament confirmed to be happening?

Is anyone interested in an SCIV tourney? I can probably run it if I bring my setup.