[Dec 5, 2014] Northeast Championship VX Anniversary - 12/5 - 12/7 (Essington Pa)

GolD ShaD

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soulcalibur the tournament starts on Saturday morning? He finished Saturday night ??

for the tournament can register on site?


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Xeph since you were the first one to challenge me since way back, I'm gonna accept yours over Blue's. If there's even time with all them other challenges that is.

Sorry Blue, not in a position to do both at the moment. We can still FT5 or however long you feel like playing. But hey, if I end up beating Xeph, we can throw that 20 on it.

And of course @GranmasGotGame we need to play again. See how much better your Leixia has gotten from SJ.


Holy Moly
Ruka pls



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Folks, to whoever is rooming with me, I just sent you guys an email update about rooming and prices. If you guys have any questions in regards to what I sent inbox me or email me with any questions or changes.
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