DoA community goes full retard, bans 120 costumes


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RIP DoA community

Now instead of "wow this game is shit because boobs" it will be "wow this game is shit because boobs and they dont allow boobs"
Swords are too phallic, they should be removed from the Soulcalibur franchise.

Der Lindwurm

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" was proposed that we soft ban the over-sexualized costumes for mainly streams to try and negate most of the negative criticisms of the game to get people interested in the actual game play itself."

Anyone think that will work?


Chikara Sashimi
I tried to play DOA online once. I couldn't figure out how to ready up in the lobby and when I finally did by accident, it was a laggy mess.


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I had an image somewhere about fighting games devolving into "Women Debating Calmly 3" or something with mock articles from Polygon, but I never could find pictures when they were most relevant.