[Dominican Republic] DR is Here!!!

Discussion in 'The Rest of Americas' started by Stryker, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Stryker

    Stryker [10] Knight

    ...We lost our first forum... the second forum was hacked... the third forum was closed... and now Dominican Players are here!!! Jaxel told why don't you use the regional area for dominican post like Mexicans and Canadians do? oh, why not!

    This is an open invitation for all dominican players inside and outside Dominican Republic, to use this area to make our post and communication center, so the soul will still burns in the caribbean and furthermore!!!

    Saludos amigos dominicanos, esta area es perfecta; muchos amigos de Canada, Mexico, Brazil y demas paises, que aunque lejanos en todos ellos sigue ardiendo el alma de nuestras espadas!!! SoulCalibur forever!!

  2. Dreamkiller

    Dreamkiller Equal Sign Slash

    Dominican Calibur was closed!? Wtf!? Why!?
  3. El_Mitsu

    El_Mitsu [08] Mercenary

    Hello Dream

    We had problems with the site but will soon be returned to God before

    We are here temporarily

    I hope you come soon to the Dominican Republic I look forward ...

    Dominican Power
  4. seyfer

    seyfer [10] Knight

    I hope you can come back soon.
  5. Where are the dominicans at??
  6. Bobby

    Bobby [03] Disciple

    Hello everybody !

    I'm Bobby from France, i'm the newser and moderator from Soulcalibur.fr. Some of you maybe met me at the WGC if you was in.

    My question is : There are some Dominica players who actually play ? Because I will leave France for one or two years in March and I still would like play and progress in Soul Calibur IV and V. I will going in Dominica not in Rep.Dominica !

    If anyone can tell me names, I know there is an american university in dominica, there are maybe some players ^^

    PS : Sorry for my crappy english ! I do my best ^^
  7. Malice
    • Senior Moderator

    Malice Super Moderator

    Pretty sure there are 0 players in Dominica. Dominican Republic is about as close as you are going to get.
  8. Bobby

    Bobby [03] Disciple

    How can I go to Rep. Dominican from Dominica ? I will try to get 1 to 5 players for training but it will be hard !

    Omega still play ? Who play in Dominican Rep?
  9. filthierich

    filthierich [09] Warrior

    OmegaDr (winner from FINAL ROUND)

    Can you forward me the following information
    Airline Preference (or closest to you)
    Contact Number
  10. filthierich

    filthierich [09] Warrior

    please send those to me PRIVATELY
  11. Omega

    Omega [12] Conqueror

    Hey man thanks, did malice send you those?, if not let me know.
  12. D--FUCKING--R!! Omega nos representó bien, ya sabes!

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