Don't Fret! Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is Coming!

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Earlier today, at the Tokyo Game Show 2010, Katsuhiro Harada dropped his bombshell and announced Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for arcades (and consoles?). Really this came as no surprise as the Tekken community has been expecting a new Tag game between every 3 core titles. While very few people actually expected an announcement for Soulcalibur V, I can already see that many people here on 8WR are a bit "miffed" on the lack of news.

I have just spoken directly with Harada on Twitter about this very subject. He has asked me not to post anything from our conversation to the public, but pretty much it has come to that Namco still needs more proof that there is indeed interest for sales in Soulcalibur V. Basically what that means is that we must continue to spread the word about the Facebook Like Petition as much as possible. Only with the direct support and power of this community will Soulcalibur V truly be possible.

While it may be true that Soulcalibur IV has sold more copies on consoles than Tekken 6 (according to VGChartz); it can never be so simple. If you look at the entire franchise history, Tekken has sold over 40 million, while Soulcalibur has only sold a quarter of that. So while 3 new Tekken games have just been announced (T7, TT2, TvSF), we may have to wait a bit more before we find out any news on the Soulcalibur franchise. Just keep putting the word out about the Facebook Like Petition and 8WayRun!

*EDIT* Harada-san has informed me that VGChartz does not accurately reflect sales in Europe; and at this point Tekken 6 is rocking Soulcalibur IV's socks off. This certainly makes sense as Soulcalibur is most popular in the US.

Jason Axelrod


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It's like what i've been saying. We've already spoken. We've been doing it for years when we played the game since Soul Blade/Soul Edge. THAT alone is enough. But if they're not happy with it. Then fine. Otherwise, don't ask for anything above and beyond on what we've already provided. SC4 pumped enough money for them espcially for the SW characters. I've also said that guest characters are OK to deal with because of the revenue it would bring. THAT alone is great business aspect of it.

But to ask for petition from the fans to keep coming and that until they reach a certain # (whatever that is...) My answer remains the

I'm not being a fanboy for a lost cause. And until we (the community) receives SOMETHING, whether it's a teaser trailer or some gameplay or a few of us beta testing SC5, i'd bet hype will instantly rise once again. Had they shown some type of support like they've had with balance patches, this game would still be rockin and alive.

Truth is Dman, your post isn't completly false, but i still disagree.
Aneudee. Let's use math on this one

T4 arcade = $250,000 revenue (they're not's an imaginary number.)
SC3 arcade (eventually...) = $25,000 revenue


T6 arcade = $400,000
SC4 arcade = $0


It doesn't take a fucking genius to see that what they're saying is accurate. what they choose to leave out it the obvious fact. So OF COURSE Tekken is going to outdo the other one...especially if there wasn't a cabinet to compete with.

I'm sticking with my decision. I've stopped playing SC. I may play if i'm intrigued enough...either that or Dreamkiller wants to rape me....whichever comes first. :)

All jokes aside. I've said my piece. I'm only posting to correct....not to satisfy, but if you are satisfied with my post...and they place a smile on your face. then.....well.....AWESOME!

btw....lobo....was that you 5 years ago?!?!?!?! Back in NM?!?!?! lol
DmanXIIX;222829 said:
the argument that Tekken out performs SC by far is false.
Im not sure where you got your information from but im assuming its VGChartz. One thing that you need to understand about VGchartz is that the data reflects mostly North American numbers, the international numbers arent completely tallied into that total. Harada was explaining this to Jaxel in a recent conversation that they had about Soul Caliburs comparable sales to tekken 6. Harada assured Jaxel that Tekken was outselling SC4 significantly. Combine that with Soul Calibur not having any arcade revenue and you have yourself a franchise that needs revitalizing .....

Chickenwing,.... once again a miguided person saying Soul Calibur is making tons of money

#1. Common sense tells us that having a popular outside franchise integrated in a game always helps with sales right???? Well its not that simple my friend .... Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises and the cost for liscensing a Star Wars character and even star wars music is very significant. In Conclusion, the numbers that they reached with this "super special star wars edition soul calibur" did not meet their expectations and did not justify the extra cost to put them in the game. Take Tekken 6, a game that has significant arcade revenue and a game that doesnt have any gimmicky liscensed "extra" franchise characters in it and still sells more..... so your point is actually completely wrong. Yes .... Soul Calibur 4 sales were good but they werent great and the cost of the game is probably alot higher than what it cost to make Tekken 6. Everything isnt always as simple as sales #'s with business and the numbers you have with sites like VGchartz arent always right ....

#2 I have no idea where you were going with your arcade revenue thing .... where did i mention that soul calbur 4 was in the arcade? My point was that this game needs an arcade resurgance .... not only will it help with balance but it will constantly generate revenue for the game as tekken does. What you and many others say is that soul calibur 4 did well and is comparable to Tekken in revenue and popularity but that is absolutely WRONG. VGChartz isnt accurate on an international level and soul calibur has no arcade revenue so tekken wipes the floor with soul calibur..... the game is dying bud and not playing SC4 is not helping matters. Elite communities keep a game alive until the company realizes that there might be a reason to invest again.
Also, Namco didn't ask anyone to start a petition, I got one started because I don't want to see the series die.
Chickenwing I think the next sc game(sc 5).Needs tio be in arcades and way more promotion(sc gameplay trailers etc) than sc4.And heavily Improve sc gameplay,graphcis,Story etc.
I want to see SC5 released in the arcade as well, so y'all should let Namco know that.

EDIT: After some analysis, SC did not do well in the arcades in Japan. To my surprise, the original Soul Calibur did not do well in the arcades in Japan, so I want a console version. And if they stay committed to supporting it, then it could really turn out great.
Well I wouldn't mind seeing the game in the arcades first, however Namco isn't going to go through the trouble of releasing the game in the arcade if it's not going to do well. They still need to make money. They're not going to release a game in the arcade that people aren't going to play. That makes no sense.

I'm sure if Soul Calibur would have done better in Asian countries, we'd still have arcade releases for it. But even the original Soul Calibur didn't do well in the arcades over there, however the console release was very successful when it launched on the Dreamcast.

And let's face it, Tekken is much more popular in Asian countries. So SC needs to come out on console.
Ihave another idea.What if soulcabur 5 had some adevertisning for Asian counbtries like a crazy commercial and then it shows some gameplay of sc5 and at the end it says arcade release date.
Malice;222993 said:
What good is that going to do when it has never done well in arcades over there?
Yeah... but somehow I don't think Namco ever marketted Soulcalibur as good as Tekken... even in arcades.

Even if Tekken has sold a lot better than what is listed on vgchartz it doesn't change the fact that SC still does sell well. And if vgchartz is not accurate then that would suggest that SC also sold more than what is listed. Them not making another one is a financial mistake.
Jaxel;223009 said:
Yeah... but somehow I don't think Namco ever marketted Soulcalibur as good as Tekken... even in arcades.

Then why are they expecting huge number of sales? I don't know how those people think...
They should be at least be thankful with the number of sales they get with no advertising at all.
If they advertised Tekken as much as Soul Calibur, would it sell as much as Soul Calibur?

But now 2 things come in thought... Do they expect us to advertise Soul Calibur by using the petition? And do you think that the current state of SC (depends on the petition) is caused by the SC director? I mean, look at Mr. Harada... He supports his game (Tekken) by listening to fans, attending shows... The SC director is not that active...
Who is the SC director? and how come we haven't contacted him with the petition as opposed to Harada?

Anyway this is so much bullshit, because the way I look at it Harada only sees first hand the fruits of his labor in Tekken since he spends most of his time in those projects / in Japan. So he cant really see that even though its small, the SC community is still going after over 2 years of the game being out.

To tell the truth I think TTT2 was a blow to the possibility of SC5 coming out any time soon. Since the announcement of TTT2 Harada has been bombarded with excited fans of the Tekken series regarding this game. So much so that I doubt SC5 is even an idea in his head. If you dont believe me check his Twitter. Call me desperate but I check it at least once every two days.
Y'all need to be blowing up Harada's Facebook as it does get looked at by Namco and so that it's not all talk about TTT2. Make your voice heard. Let them know we want that Calibur, especially since something needs to come out on the console because none of these Tekken games are coming out until mid to late 2012 at least.
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