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Roster I found here
Roster II - You're looking at it.
SCIV CaS found here

Presenting my 50 CaS SoulCalibur V (32 female, 18 male).

Breakdown of movesets:
23 unique styles x2 CaS each = 46


1 Soul of Edge Master
1 Soul of Kilik
1 Soul of Elysium
1 Soul of Dampierre

Have a look and enjoy!

Dramatis Personæ (50) current as of 02/05/13:

Regards to the sequence of characters...

Female face 1,2,3,4 (in place of 5, male CaS), 6,7 (in place of 8,9, male CaS) 10,11 (then another male CaS, then repeat again). 8 total usable faces, each used four times amongst the 32 females. Each with a different combination of eyebrows, voice, height, skin tone, eye color... only a few combinations repeat (Samus/Zero-Suit Samus, Dante/Vergil)!!

Movesets: (1st 25) 23 styles and 1 of Dampierre and Edge Master, (2nd 25) same 23 again and 1 of Elysium and Kilik.

Male faces used in order: (1st 25) 1,2,10,12,15,20,21,22,23 (2nd 25) 1,5,7,15,19,20,21,22,23

Other than the repeating styles (max 2 each), no repeating weapons. Repeat equipment use is kept to a minimum when possible, but I believe I was able to recreate the characters I wanted despite the checks I set.



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Wandering Souls (20):
"Ones whose destinies lie elsewhere."
Nuwa (Warriors Orochi)

Da Ji (Warriors Orochi)

Alicia Melchiott (Valkyria Chronicles)

Selvaria Bles (Valkyria Chronicles)

Armor King (Tekken) **DLC Parts**

Anna Williams (Tekken) **DLC Parts**

Nina Williams (Tekken) **DLC Parts**

Jack-6 (Tekken) **DLC Parts**

The Apprentice (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

Darth Vader (Star Wars) **DLC Parts**

Ki (Tower of Druaga) **DLC Parts**

Gilgamesh (Custom, Tower of Druaga) **DLC Parts**

Nagi Kirishima (Bloody Roar 4) **DLC Parts**

Chief Thunder (Killer Instinct)

I-No (Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival) **DLC Parts**

Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) **DLC Parts**

Nightwolf (Mortal Kombat) **DLC Parts**

Ken-Oh/Raoh (Hokuto no Ken, Hokuto Musou ver.) **DLC Parts**

Rei (Hokuto no Ken, Hokuto Musou ver.) **DLC Parts**

Uighur (Hokuto no Ken)

**Update** 11/26
Changes to Boot equipment on Valkyrie, her and Bernadette now unique.
**Update** 11/8
Added I-No.
Style swap between Vader and Zakuro Cas. Special equip add-on to Lloyd's scarf.
**Update** 11/2
Added back ribbon to Anna CaS. Colors to dress trim and lining matched to source.
**Update** 10/31
Darth Vader costume changed... Chain Mail to Rubber Suit w/ Ethnic 12 texture added to better mimic source material.
Apprentice fauld changed to correct one (front and back).
**Update** 10/26
Roster uploaded.


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Wandering Souls (20):
"Ones whose destinies lie elsewhere."

Jeanne (Bayonetta) **DLC Parts***

Dante (Devil May Cry 3) **DLC Parts**

Vergil (Devil May Cry 3) **DLC Parts**

Kagero (Ninja Scroll)

Zakuro (Ninja Scroll) **DLC Parts**

Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War) **DLC Parts**

Pirotess (Record of Lodoss War) **DLC Parts**

Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children) **DLC Parts**

Irvine Kinneas (Final Fantasy VIII) **DLC Parts**

Selphie Tilmitt (Final Fantasy VIII) **DLC Parts**

Zell Dincht (Final Fantasy VIII) **DLC Parts**

Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Bernadette Egan (Suikoden V)

Isabel (Suikoden V)

Kisara (Suikoden V) **DLC Parts**

Lyon (Suikoden V) **DLC Parts**

Nifsara (Suikoden V) **DLC Parts**

Subala (Suikoden V)

Urda (Suikoden V) **DLC Parts**

**Update** 11/26
Deleted Guyver III, Beld
Added the Twin Sons of Sparda., DMC3 Dante & Vergil.
Changed Boots on Urda (now unique), given to Vergil.
Style swap for Lorelai CaS.
Corrected sticker positioning on Zell's jacket.
**Update** 11/8
Changed Boot equipment for Lorelai (Ki now unique), changed Glove equipment for Yuffie.
Costume overhaul for Urda (Lloyd now unique).
Style swap between Zakuro and Vader Cas.
**Update** 10/31
Deleted Lilly Pendragon, Natsu Ayuhara, Jun the Swan.
Added Suikoden V Cas (Bernadette Egan, Lyon, Urda). Custom circlet for Lorelai CaS. Reworked hair bun for Kisara Cas.
**Update** 10/27
Lorelai costume changed from Suikoden II to Suikoden V costume.
**Update** 10/26
Roster uploaded.


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Wandering Souls (10):
"Ones whose destinies lie elsewhere."
Jihl Nabaat (Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2)

Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) **DLC Parts**

Samus Aran (Metroid) **DLC Parts**

Zero-Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission/Metroid: The Other M)

Sieg Warheit (Chaos Legion) **DLC Parts**

Arcia Rinslet (Chaos Legion) **DLC Parts**

Inphyy (Ninety-Nine Nights) **DLC Parts**

Hibana (Nightshade)

Hotsuma (Shinobi) **DLC Parts**

Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV (Devil Summoner) **DLC Parts**

**Update** 11/27
Added Alphonse Elric.
**Update** 11/26
Changed Boots on Sieg (now unique), given to Dante.
**Update** 11/8
Added Sieg Warheit.
Reworked costume for Hotsuma.
**Update** 10/27
Hotsuma & Hibana special equipment changed from Cylinder to Heart item, improved helmet design.
**Update** 10/26
Roster uploaded.

Done... for now.

Much like the initial lineup of the first roster (which went through numerous revisions before it came to the final state it is now), I've included characters merely as slot fillers until inspiration provide me with better ideas.

For now, what you see is what I deem to be a functional (little to few equipment-with a few exceptions- reuses, no repeat combinations of faces/voices/eyebrows/styles), presentable roster. This will certainly keep me occupied with CaS for a while (prior to posting, I've already noticed a few annoyances that will be fixed, haha).

Hope you enjoy this batch as I have making it!


[13] Hero
your creations are just amazing!!!! 100% of them
I want to tell my favorite character... but I can't... I have about 10 favorites in that list


[14] Master
I'm really envious of your recreations. They're good to the point where I have to steal some designs for my own stuff. Majority of the time, I don't do recreations since everyone does them. Nowadays, I've been considering it.


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@Donutman, hope you threw bills and not coins. Wouldn't want a scratched monitor.
@DarkRhythm, Thank You!
@rdmunhoz, only 10? I'll have to do better next time.
@Pocky-Yoshi, regardless how often certain characters are recreated by others, they're unique to you if you do them yourself. Don't let the bad stigma recreations seem to get affect your personal CaS choices. It's your roster... I say do as you please!

Looks like I'll be spending a bit more time with CaS while waiting for ACIII. Deleted 3 CaS I wasn't pleased with and replaced with 3 more (Lyon, Bernadette, Urda) from the RPG I'm currently replaying, Suikoden V.

Pics updated up top.


[14] Master
Good job, i really like Hotsuma, Rei, Alicia
Fun job on recreating Jack, specially the head
For Vader Mitsu style (straight "ninja" sword) is probably the closest you can get


[12] Conqueror
Good job, i really like Hotsuma, Rei, Alicia
Fun job on recreating Jack, specially the head
For Vader Mitsu style (straight "ninja" sword) is probably the closest you can get
Good suggestion regarding Vader. I've traded his Sieg for Mitsu style with another CaS.

11/8 Updates
Deleted Lars (again) and Nuku Nuku. Completed my Chaos Legion duo of Arcia Rinslet and new addition Sieg Warheit. Also added I-No from Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival.

All pics updated, changes logged. Finished fixing/replacing for now. Time to start uploading some more CaS videos again!


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Your creations just took my breath away, literally. The use of stickers and the whole care put into creating them is easy to see, they are all amazing!

Although I have a soft spot for your Irvine Kinneas X3 (and the rest of the FF characters of course). Outstanding CAS! :D
Thank You, appreciate the kind words!

I really do try to use up all special equipment slots/stickers available with each CaS. If I end up with empty/free sticker/item slots, I usually take it as I'm somehow missing an important detail keeping my CaS from being finished or done right.


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By the way, I took Pirotess's concept to make my own character, mostly copy & paste from your amazing design, can you give me your permission to post screenshots of her in my thread?


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11/26 Updates
Worked a bit more on perfecting my recreations.
Started with Anna Williams, here's before:

And after:

Changed the sticker(s) on her chest to more closely resemble the cutout on her dress. I tried to get as close to skin tone that the game would allow. Also switched to proper undergarment/hose, which runs the full length of her leg. Unfortunately, I couldn't use heels since it cuts off the hose at her ankles so I conceded to using the short boots. Used up the last special equipment slots to add hair 'bangs' to better frame her face.

Next up, Nina Williams. Here's before:

And after:

The Blood Vengeance outfit was temporary until I could get a decent attempt of her current outfit. Final verdict... there's just no way to recreate her current Tekken outfit, so instead I just took a few design cues from and put my own spin on it. Leixia's Elegant Breeches was available (and the separate patterns made up for my already maxing the sticker limit), and the Bolt item makes a passable knee guard.

Also deleted two more CaS (Beld, Guyver III), made some new additions:
The Twin Sons of Sparda! Been wanting to add these two despite numerous attempts by others (Besides, I think I can do better).

DMC4 Dante

Only 2 belts on his shirt -supposed to be 3- since I had to spend the 3rd item on his buckle (can't equip a belt with the coat apparently).

DMC3 Dante

Originally made DMC4 Dante with an older face, but wanted a twin counterpart for Vergil, so a bit of face-swapping with other CaS and I was able to free up Face 21 for both. Thus, went with the younger DMC3 version.


Used all 3 item slots for Vergil's signature three-tailed coat. Stickers+Patterns used to get the asymmetric design on his coat. Just like the game, Vergil's half of Eva's Perfect Amulet has a gold chain versus Dante's silver.

Decided to watch some anime, looking to take a breather from CaS.

Bwahahaha... yeah right. This one is just for shiggles a keeper. Deleted Lloyd.
Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)


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Hey just a question what patterns and stickers did you use for vergil's shirt?
Here you go:

(Undershirt) Sleeveless Unitard

Pattern: None
Stickers: Motif 77 x1

(Coat) Student's Coat

Pattern: European 18
Stickers: #1 x2*, Motif 76 x1

*Use the #1 stickers (small stickers will also work, just that the large stickers were all that was available to me) to mask off one side of the coat, then Motif 76 on top to finish off the pattern. Work with it till you get the look you want.