Enkindu vs Ooofmatic: a Facebook Fanfic


World Warrior
I noticed Enk unfriended me on Facebook, so I messaged him.

Ooof: Lol unfriended? ;P

Enk: hahaha yes, you're a lying peice of shit.

and i only waited for you to think you can just come talk to me whenever you feel like it

you're a drugged out, washed up, old veteran who relied on gimmicks to get by

you know as well as I do, i am not losing to you

you're garbage

let me meet you one day. i will slap the taste so far down your throat you'll think i'm a chef for making it taste so good.

oof, you're the real lunatic, and i have never associated myself with you

we're not buddies

i should try and steal your girl

can't be too hard. you're not much of a man to begin with

make no mistake about it oof. we are not friends.

never will be.

If i see you, i am going to hurt you

you'll have to do it like everyone else Ooof. Incognito.


you'll lose

like always

even when you try to cheat

i'll be there to shit on your parade anytime you think one is coming

wait til i see you in person.

i will have to be handcuffed and removed

you'll never see me angry.

you're not worth it

Ooof: I might be at NEC so we could battle offline there if ya want

Enk: you'll only have to deal with me. i'll be swift

yeah, NEC sounds like a good place to be

my hand's gonna be sore from all the bitch slapping mia do

and not a single person will retaliate

i'm stealing your girlfriend.

going to show her what a mistake she's made being with you

i know you get it, you're just trying to trip me up at this point. i mean everything i said, oof. im going to start with ruining your relationship at home that is already rocky

then, I'm going to see you at a tourney, and slap the shit out of you while you stand there and do nothing

then i am going to slap you again

your watery eyes will give me the closure i'll need to move on

you fucked me over for a joystick. and you're going to pay for it.

10 fold

my opinion of 10 fold. not your opinion

Ooof: Actually I ended up selling that stick for like $50

Which was a pretty good deal I think

Enk: i am going to drag you into the bathroom and shove your puny frame into the first open stall

and bury your head in the, hopefully unflushed, piss and shit water.

first you'll forget

then you'll realize what you've done and start to panic

i can keep pressure on you so you can't move

all you can do is flail helplessly while you start to swallow that shit and piss water because you're out of breath

then i am going to piss on you and tear up your precious hat

people are going to be asking you wheres the hat

and you will still just be coming to terms with ingesting someones shit

you'll blow it off. and i'll come up right behind you, put my arm around you, and lead you away

to the hallway, into the fire escape.

and toss your useless ass down the steps

i'm going to really try to sodomize you with my MLG joystick while you're unconsciouncess

then i'll takea picture

but before that, i'll getr webster to come take a look

and put his dick all over your face and mouth

so he can have satisfaction

then im going to drag your ass back into the ballroom, and leave you there until you wake up

unsure of what just happened

Yeah, I knew you weren't capable of accepting responsibility. I normally don't warn someone when I am going to hurt them, but here we are :D Like it never happened. I'm not going to tell you where it will happen though. Then I'd be kind of OCD.

i only know I want to hurt you, and you hurt for awhile when you wake up

all plans are subject to change


you're gonna know it's started when your girlfriend says to you "oof, can i ask you something"

you're not a kid any more of. You're going to learn a lesson about taking responsibility for your actions like a man.

Ooof: k


Chikara Sashimi
Ooof posed as Chacha in an online tournament and beat up Enk. This caused Enk to miss out on the magic of appearing on TV.


[12] Conqueror
is this verbatim? like copy/paste? Cause yo...

it's that serious?!

damn oof..... Your trollin skills are hella impressive. damn near god tier. You not only made this man lose sleep. but actively plot your destruction.

That's that madness right there.


Alchemist of the Ages
My my this is very crazy, although not the first Enk rant I've seen but he did put a lot of bitch slapping and stealin yo girl so I guess he has a special hatred for ya