Ezio Ring Out Discussion

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A Soul in the Purgatory
So, it seems like this guy has a ring out game that would make Raphael feel privileged.

  • 1A
  • 4AB
  • CH 6B
  • CH 4B6
  • 3K
  • 1K
  • WR K
  • B+K
  • 6B+K
  • 2B+K
  • 4B+K
  • 66AB
  • 66A2B
  • 22*88K
  • RUN K
  • 22*88AA
  • 66K
And that's everything. Ezio doesn't have anything that can - barring your opponent doing something weird - ring out to the right or behind him.

Basically, anything that's a projectile is going to be extremely hard to land, and probably not worth trying on anyone who isn't an idiot. This removes B+K, 6B+K, 2B+K, and 4B+K flat out. 4AB and 66AB*66A2B are a bit different in that they're strings, both of which are NCC - if you think you'll land the first hit on a counter hit, go for it, but if you continue the string you run a strong risk of getting punished severely. On the subjet of gimmicky ringout moves, everyone knows how to use Sliding, since it's application is the same for everyone - if you get the chance, use it, but know what happens if it gets blocked.

1A would probably be a better tool if it wasn't so slow. On the plus side, it rings out on both NC and NCC - the extra attack doesn't break the ring out, and it gives a bit of a funny upward bounce when it hits. You'll want to mix 1A up with his mid ring-out moves, 3K, 1K, WR K, and 22*88K. 3K and 1K both have to be at kissing range for the ring out to to work, so be aware in case you think you have a guaranteed ring out and end up giving up damage. iWR K is pretty easy to do, and while it's RO range is also just as small, its animation is a bit harder to read. 22*88K has the best RO range of them all, which isn't that much more than any of the rest, but it's also fairly quick, safe, and steps Ezio back on the chance you are blocked. The only problem is that it comes from step, making it a bit telegraphed.

CH 6B and CH 4B6 are your interrupt options for RO. 6B can be fit anywhere that you think they'll attack, since it's incredibly fast. It also has a good range, about one to two character spaces. It's a high, though, so be wary of moves that TC. Do NOT use 6b(BE) here, as the RO range is significantly nerfed on that version - and why would you spend meter for a RO attempt when the meterless version works better? CH 4B6 has similar RO range to CH 6B, but is a more evasive option as opposed to an interrupting one. However, you have to be extremely close to get both the AT animation AND the ring-out, and I swear 4B6 should have a JF flash. Use it only if you're confident that 1) you will get the move you want; 2) you will get a CH; 3) your opponent will be close enough to the edge.

As for ring-outs to Ezio's left, you have 22*88AA and 66K. This is essentially a high/mid mix-up. 66K is fast and short ranged, and is safe on block. 22*88AA has a lot more range than 66K, so it's not a bad idea to try and bait a whiff, and then go for the RO with it. There isn't much to say about these two, except to use 22*88AA only when you know it will hit - both hits of the string are extremely punishable on block.

And those are my thoughts on Ezio's ring-out game (or lack thereof).


[14] Master
Same impression,basically i never search the RO with Ezio and if for some wierd reason i did,i feel that 22*88K is my only friend :D


[08] Mercenary
i think his most useful combo for RO is 1K 66K, once you set up your opponent to crouch a lot with your throws (because he has a decent throw game) you can try some 1K.
It's range is pretty decent but you have to learn the angle.
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A Soul in the Purgatory
A small update. Against a breakable wall 6b(BE) rings out. The first hit wall splats, the second hit knocks them out, and the third hit combos them out of the ring farther. Useful on the few stages that have them.


[14] Master
starting to love 22AA, who don't know teh match up usually don't realize that against Ezio have the ring edge at your right is worse than have it behind :D

Step shit -> RO
Give dat like a boss factor,like every Ezio win :D


[09] Warrior
What about 1K 4AB (against opponents where that works reliably)? Rings out a pretty long distance (forward, alas).


[09] Warrior
Yeah... CH 22B... but the positioning is extremely strict.

Also, for the right... 4B+K. Sorta...

And his lack of overwall ROs disturbs me.


[09] Warrior
I think he can RO through breakable walls with 6B BE though. Useful for catching an opponent's attempt to step away from the walls with WR A and comboing into 6B BE.
Yup. And that's a particularly good set up. Thanks. One can also 1K 66K after the usual W!s. So, his breakable wall stuff is fine, more than fine.

I just think having no overwall RO option at all is quite extreme. I mean, Raph has almost no option, but he still has one, however difficult, kinda like Ezio's back RO.

As for back ROs, it's not just about Ezio having only a very difficult option, it's also about him not having techniques that will shift position with his opppontent, so he can try a standard RO later. For instance, Raph's 66A+B is hard to use for back ROs, but he can easily land 44K to shift positions, so he can try a forward RO, next.


Yup RO's and Ezio don't go hand in hand. 22AA has worked for me as has 88K but outside of that getting into position to land them near the ring edge is a challenge in and of itself


[09] Warrior
I performed an over wall RO with B+G, yesterday. I was like... wtf?! It happened in Imperiela City, in a diagonal angle on the breakable wall. I haven't tried to replicate it in training. Did anyone ever get something similar?


[10] Knight
I figured you can RO over a wall, but like a regular RO rule with Ezio's B+G grab: You have to be practically hugging the ring edge to get that RO.