Fail moments in Soul Calibur...


[08] Mercenary
in repsonse to that vid i did air controlled myself out ONE time when i first play soul cal....needless to say i got ragged on hard by my opponent sitting next to me

Calibur Bladez

[08] Mercenary
I've had it when Nightmare players use their CE perfectly on me just as I am attacking, but for some reason I hit them anyways. Like I see his sword animation, but I just knock him down. The thought in my head is "Oh crap! Wait, that worked!"


[12] Conqueror
5:35 SC4 one.. still think its pretty crazy.

We were just messing around, but I guess its still a fail. Failed at failing. Ba dum tss.

1:52 Almost got me off guard while playing because I was laughing. Not so funny now but yeah lol.

Seran Zealot

[10] Knight
It happened to me too... I still don't know exactly what I was thinking here, but I'm pretty sure I wanted 3B but somehow got 3B+K instead, at which point muscle memory kicked in and along came K. My brain was saying "wait... no!" but my fingers were on auto-pilot.

God, it's great when you mash out the wrong input and still somehow continue it since you might as well finish what you started.