French SCV Videos From Deus-Kaliya

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Neither can I. This is all that I will playing, and thank god I don't have to wait until March for it. Got a month and some change left until release.
Same here. Im pretty much going to be playing this 24/7.

I also can't wait to see the other new modes they have in this game..
Malice said:
Maybe one of the French players can provide some details on the actual tournament for us, so check after the break for the match videos.

This tournament taked place in Paris. In fact, it was a little event organized by Namco Bandai France for the french player try Soulcalibur V. As quoted Malice, feature players such as Keev, Dina, Hayate, Kayane, Scud... fifteen players about were there. Malek was there too as an observer because he's the manager of french to the World Game Cup in France next year. He decided to organise a little tournament to know who are the best french players.

The winner of that tournament was Akire. It's the second victory of Akire in Soulcalibur V tournament (before he won a tournament in Paris Games Weeks event).

During this event, french players learned a lot of things about characters and gameplay. We gathered the views of players and we send that to Namco Bandai.

Thanks for wathcing my videos.

I am morbidly terrified of Astaroth now. Jesus Christ.
Astaroth have to be like that; if you compare this Astaroth with Astaroth from SC3 this is clearly weaker(22_88B4>B6>28B+G = +120% DMG) and Astaroth from SC2 was really safe and violent...

The only character I guess we have to fear is Cervantes; the videos I watched show a clearly upgraded character; his OLD UB is back(SC, SC2, SC3) and all his good stuff from SC3/4 is here to rock again... and the CE can be chained after certain knockdowns combos...

I don't want more streams, tournaments and videos and info and bla bla bla; I want this game to be out and play and have fun and beat my friends and have a good time... that's all. Nothing more than that.
Cervantes isn't the only one we should be worried about.....

All I have to say is don't sleep or let your guard down on Tira!! Not even for a second............
Chris vs Keev - best fight of the tournament.

Mitsu´s gameplay looks boring and ugly without Relic/Mist mind game. A shame. Same thing about Ivy.

Thanks for the videos.
Man, they sped up everyone, but Ivy seems to be slower. Maybe it's just illusion because everyone's faster. It's a shame, but it's time.

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