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[05] Battler
1. Well-rounded mid-range character that can play long range with meter as well as rush-down in Soul Charge. Like Yoshi, gets an immediate payoff for a successful RE due to meter spending. Strong forward ring-out pressure. Is a Witcher. Has an interesting forward ringout game with 66BB, forward-throw RO, 6B+K on CH that works while they wakeup, 3B, and the classic BBB CH if they're mashing in the gap between the 2nd and 3rd B.
2. Geralt's most rewarding offense at midrange is mostly linear and is prone to stepping and sidewalks. It's up to you to condition players to stop walking around you. He also has good standard pokes for their speed relative to their range, which means they're not great up close. In general, needs meter for both offense and defense as 6BB isn't particularly good without meter and 4A+B is your big defensive threat.
3. Second vouch for 4A+B. It completely compensates for Geralt's lack of a good up-close poke because it makes people scared to punish you with the correct button. It only costs a quarter of a bar (so far).
1B is the low poke that defines his midrange. It's fast, goes long, knocks down, but is narrow.
33/99B is a 2 hit that stuns on normal hit. It comes out incredibly fast for its range and gives you insane opportunities to get more meter and get position.
4. Easy execution. I mash with Garry with impunity.
5. Simple gameplan, but meter management is kind of brainy because its not just used for hit-confirms into hard knockdowns like other games.
6. For players who want a character who feels faster than Siegfried/Nightmare but longer than Mitsurugi or Sophitia. Play the literally straight-and-narrow path to victory. Witcher fans. Fans of real men who hate anime.
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[14] Master
Random garbage dump

33BB -> 6B[B] -> 66BB (67)
A+B LH -> B+K -> BT B+KB (104)
A+B LH -> B+K -> BT B+K -> 3B (109)
3B -> CE (88)
4[B] -> 66BB -> 1AA (68)
66B+K -> 66BB (67)
66B+K -> 1AA (69)
66B+K -> 6B+KB (67, good oki)
66B+K -> 44KK (70)
66B+K -> CE (91)

Against soul charge:
3B -> 6B+KB -> 4B (68)
3B -> 6B+KB -> 44BB (83)
3B -> 6B+KB -> 66BB (86?)

66A+B -> 3B W! -> 3B W! -> Backthrow (117)

66A+B is guaranteed after 4A+B aGI

Quen A is AA punishable but Quen K is safe
22A is BB punishable

66AK (34)
66AA (30)

44A -13 or -14?

22B breaks in 7, is safe

WR B punishes blocked 2K

44BB at least BB punishable, not launchable

A trades with B after 1K

8A+B stuns when it hits grounded. Many combos in soul charge can be ended with
8A+B -> 1AA. (E.g. 3B -> 3AAAAA -> 8A+B -> 1AA. I think that works. 3AAAAA is not air controllable.)


[10] Knight
So, I know it mentions in training mode that Geralt’s silver sword attacks have different properties vs soul charge opponents, some of them being lethal hits though not all. I wanted to look into what specifically and this is what I came up with. I apologize if this has already been posted somewhere else and let me know if I missed anything!

VS non-soul charge opponents:
4A - 20 dmg
(Counter hit) 4A:A - 43 dmg and spin state
4B - 26 dmg knockdown
4(B) - 37 dmg launcher
6B+KB - 30 dmg knockdown
11_44_77A - 64 dmg
11_44_77BB - 34 dmg knockdown
66BA - 37 dmg
a+gA+B+K or 4a+gA+B+K - 70 dmg

VS opponents in soul charge:
4A - 20 dmg and causes spin state on normal hit
(Counter hit) 4A:A - 52 dmg and knockdown
4B - 33 dmg lethal hit
4(B) - 48 dmg lethal hit launcher
6B+KB - 35 dmg and ground stun
11_44_77A - 77 dmg
11_44_77BB - 53 dmg
66BA - 37 dmg lethal hit
a+gA+B+K or 4a+gA+B+K - 77 dmg lethal hit


[07] Duelist
I want to practice LH with Geralt, but there is no option to set opponent's SC. Do you know how to do it without using 2 controllers? :(


[10] Knight
thanks just tried today, but the third and last hit doesn't come out?
do I need to press another button after 4A A?
The just frame is on the second hit. The way I do it is I actualy hit A three times cause I do it more according to right tempo so it lands online as well


[08] Mercenary
1AA being unsafe on block seems awfully painful, though presumably only to fast (i12?) punishes. The other changes all make sense to me though.

Disclaimer: I'm bad.


[10] Knight
1AA being unsafe on block seems awfully painful, though presumably only to fast (i12?) punishes. The other changes all make sense to me though.

Disclaimer: I'm bad.
I think that I would be fine with either change to 4A+B or change to 1AA but both kinda hurt my feelings. Although I agree that it does sound reasonable. Also we don't know yet how punishable 1AA will be. Let's hope for the best


-12 1AA seems fair for balanced risk reward vs most (and your still safe vs Asta and Nightmare)


[10] Knight
1AA is fine at -12
4A+B costing half a bar is more fair than 1/4 meter because you got that 1/4 meter back in the combo.
With 4A+B I can agree on. But if we're talking about 1AA I'm still not entirely sold on it being punishable. I mean - if it was a NC then yeah most definitely it should be punishable. But as it is right now unless I CH I will get more DMG than deal. But on the other hand the second part is still a good step killer and I can mix it up with just 1A so there is still a workaround. I just wish Quen Charge wasn't such a gimmicky and unreliable tool
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