Global Colosseo Tuesday Take Overs

Hello everyone, I am here today to let you know about a new plan to get people fired up about everyone's favorite fighting game, Soul Calibur. Tomahawk came up with the idea to try and get a scheduled online session/meeting on Global Colosseo. A lot of the servers aren't being used so we can basically fill them with all our players and have decent online session. This should be great for meeting/playing new people and getting everyone's skill level as a whole to a higher level.


Logistics wise, we plan to fill up the Global Colosseo Los Angeles room first. The scheduled time for this event is today at 6pm PST. So if you live in the East Coast, the event will start at 9pm and if you live on the West Coast the event will start at 6pm. The ultimate goal for this is event is for it to become a weekly event that everyone knows about. Where anyone who's anybody knows to play that night and to get some good games in.


So I hope to see everyone out there tonight. Whether you play on Xbox Live or PSN, we plan to do this for both consoles. If you are new to the game or a hard tourney veteran, I want to see everyone out there. This can be a nice way to get a little more excitement to our game and community.
Sounds great, that one Swagdad night i participated in was pretty awesome. Considering pretty much everyone on PSN plays in private rooms, this should get everyone more hype about playing this game.
I'll definitely try to get in on this for next week... Part of me knows I'll get my ass served back to me with steak fries and a small drink, but I'm down for meeting some REAL competition online.

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