Greetings from Canada


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Hey Y'all
I'm a Huge Fan of the Predator/Jurassic Franchise, But Also a Fan of the Legend of Spyro Trilogy and I Started my Return to the Soul Calibur Franchise, Starting with SoulCalibur IV
I'm Looking forward to socialize with you guys


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Wait SC4 ? just making sure you are also aware of SC6 which has a larger active player base than SC4.


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Nice, a Legend of Spyro fan i assume?
Actually, I haven't had the chance to play those particular ones very much. I have always loved the original Spyro trilogy, and am a fan of its remake as well. I think I had a Legend of Spyro game for the Wii, seemingly hundreds of years ago, but I don't think I played it much (couldn't get into the Wii generally).

SC4 and SC5 are underrated

Agreed! I can understand the criticisms they get, but I can also look past those and appreciate those 2 caliburs nonetheless.