Harada Teases SOULCALIBUR VI on Twitter?

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I don't think something such as this should have even made front page article news really. My bad, Jaxel.

Oh no. Wait... SOMEBODY got Kayane mad? Shoo... that's a forced hand. SOMEBODY may be forced to pull some useful info now.
Haha if it were Daishi, we would have had the whole plot leaked not to upset his darling xD
I've been waiting for this. Hopefully, Harada may be the producer of this game. Fuck Hoshino!
Personally, I think the longer the wait, even up til now that we all are STILL waiting, the better it may be. The time I am waiting now, the developers could be working intricately on their craft: so they will less than likely release a rushed game. This along with other aspects of a game that will be missing in such a result.
I mean, I'd like to see an announcement soon, to see that they're up to at least SOMETHING, and gladly wait till 2018 to get a great SC Game. To me, that would be a huge game with shit ton of content like SCIII, but unlike SCIII be of any use to the competitive scene (Since I joined 8WR I now understand how terrible SCIII was for the scene, but it still remains my favourite SC game, simply for the amount of content and other factors, I'm a casual, pretty much). So I won't mind if it'll take them a long time to make a game that has
-Good character roster with the characters we loved and with balanced styles and overall game mechanics, because that's the thing the scene needs, right?
-A great amount of content like in SCIII (where are exhibitions, art gallery, tales of souls, missions, proper tutorial, chronicles of the sword,...)
-An even richer and improved character creation mode
-I would also welcome more DLCs (Downloadable content, NOT Disc locked content!!!) and other expansions to the game over time. SCV DLCs were in my opinion cool and sometimes quite useful additions to the Creation, but there was so little of them.... Hey, they should include at least some of that Lost Swords crap for free in SCVI...
But anyways, all this stuff should go to the SCVI discussion, right?....So, I just want a PROPER SC game, that would satisty most of the fans like me and the serious comutiny here. I won't mind if it takes time.
Since SCV has good gameplay, they can just build up on it's mechanics.
For my wishlist in that department:

-I'd like them to bring back the regular GI. The one that doesn't cost meter. Idc about what they do to jg, i'd be completely fine with them dropping it next game, as long as i get classic GI back.

-Removing the BE system. Turn those moves into either regular, JF, Fastest Input, Hold, or Delay moves.

-Keep the CE system, but return it to what it originally was in SE.
Critical Edge is the name given to attacks used by all Standard Characters (and Soul Edge) characters in Soul Edge (Soul Blade). It is instigated by pressing all three attack buttons simultaneously, and if successful the player's character will do a single attack that will see their weapon engulf in a flash of light - if the attack hits the opponent, the character will automatically unleash a series of attacks against the opponent. During this time, the player is able to enter a command (unique to each character) which will cause the character to unleash even more attacks while in this state.
That'd look sick in today's graphics & mechanics. *Cough* UE4 *Cough*.

-More balance. It's funny how with the 2 completely new styles, :sc5vio1: ended up being on the top of the list while :sc5zwe1: is trash tier.

-Keep the smooth movement.
-Keep sidestep.
And for the love of god, no more mimics.

I hope that they've started developing SCVI in 2013 when Hoshino joined the team. If the game is released in 2017, that'll be 4 years in development. I think that's enough for PS to develop a game that delivers well to both the Casual & Competitive players.
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And for the love of god, no more mimics.
EXCEPT if it's a Necrid-like mimic. Either something creating weapons "from thin air", mixing various styles (come on, Elysium would be awesome if played like that!), or a "personal" weapon (EM's broadsword) mixed with other characters' moves. But random styles, nope nope. One was already too much, 3 was a theft.

And what I would add to you list is:
- Complete movesets.

I really hate how they were simplified in SCV (up to discussion, I know some LOVE these new movesets)

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