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Yo! I'm no stranger to 8WayRun. I've always been reading posts from here, but never posted anything myself. Just thought I'd try to be more active to show my support for the Soul Calibur series!

I've been playing fighting games since I was a kid. I played many of the Street Fighter series and Tekken series for as long as I can remember. Then I was introduced to Soul Calibur 2 since my early teens. Since then the Soul Calibur series has been my favourite.

I've always mained Cassandra from Soul Calibur 2 onwards (until SC5 where they removed her >_<!). Kilik was also my fav. Cassandra's attitude is kind of similar to mine, in that I can be quite competitive (sometimes unneccesarily lol). I always tried to create hard goals for myself in fighting games. In Extra Survival Mode in SC2, I ended up with around 152 wins with Cassandra (thanks to the healing properties of the weapon Valkyrie). I can't post any screenshots, because my PS2 isn't set up XD.

Now in SC5 I main Pyrrha and sub Xiba, although that may change in the future because Pyrrha doesn't have that feisty attitute that Cassandra had T_T (Pyrrha Omega's moveset seems a bit off to me, but I'll give her another chance later).

Ending my intro, its nice to met you all, and I hope to see you guys around ^_^!


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Good first post

Welcome to 8WayRun.
I like to use Pyrrha these days just so I can apologize to people while I spam BB, 236B

Great to have you with us.
I hope you'll stay a while to make a few friends.
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I've always mained Cassandra from Soul Calibur 2 onwards (until SC5 where they removed her >_<!)!
As a cass player and fan myself I share your pain. In addition to just not having many of cassie's best moves. (66 A+B Shooting star, 44 B+K butt lunge, how I miss you. Pyrrha's range options are comparatively lousy and definitely shorter) she also is missing that crucial feisty attitude. I wouldn't be complaining if an older, more experienced cassie showed up at some point. Though it's probably low on everyone's priorities list with three sword and board users in the game so >_< seconded. Omega Pyrrha's more aggressive than vanilla Pyrrah but more in a "psycho killer somebody call an exorcist" sort of way than a "cute" way. It's always a turn off when a girl has glowing monster eyes and wants to disembowel you. Cass always struck me as more human than her sister. Perhaps because of the physicality of her move set or the fact she seemed to lack her sister's emotional detachment. Sophitia gave her arm to masters many times who's interests were not really her own. Cassandra picked her own battles and her desire to destroy both swords in SC IV sort of cemented this idea as she literally rejected the idea humans could not decide their own destiny. Good to seeya man. Welcome to the boards, you take care now and enjoy your stay.
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I completely agree with everything you said. I tried playing Omega Pyrrha, but just can't stnad her at all. Her moveset seems incomplete, her attitude is too scary, and I find her voice annoying lol. Cassie overall is so colourful - it was different compared to the other characters. I really hope Cassie returns, thought that's extremely unlikely T_T!!