Homicide detectives picked me up today....


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Saying I dumped body parts!!

On the real fam... Bout 7 this morning, somebody come banging on the door... ***Thump Thump Thump***... "Come out Robert, you're charged with 1st degree murder!!" I look out the window and it was 4 big undercover detectives wearing suits. My heart was racing mad fast trying to think of an exit, but I had nowhere to go. I open the door and one of them fools immediately slams me on the ground talking bout don't move and shit... Then they cuffed me and threw me in the car. I kept asking what I did, but they just told me if I ain't shut up, they'd take me to a warehouse and give me the Rodney King part 2 and kill me.

The cop they sat me next too in the back was a fuggin beastly neanderthal of a man.. Son looked like Nicolay Valuev and shit. His teeth was mad coffee stain brown and his breath smelled like he been munching on garlic sandwiches all day and chain smoking blunts.. He kept leaning close to me, talking bout... "We finally got you.. BOYY.. " Dude even drooled on me once! Nastiest ish ever! It was like a funky chocolate milk stain on my shirt yo.

So they finally take me to a spot I knew around 115th street, and then this lady comes up to the car saying I was the one that dumped the bag behind her house and she had been smelling a very foul odor ever since. They walk me out back, and I'm thinking mad hard like WTF is going on? Then all of a sudden, it hit me... I was drunk a few nights earlier and remember coming here..

The captain lifts the bag up with a metal pole and dumps the contents out... I immediately start laughing, cause it was Yashodhara's moms draws I threw back there to hide from my wife.. Them joints had mad holes and a big hershey stain on em. Cops looked at each other like WTF? The one gieco caveman cop just looks at me with a blank stare and says.. "Get the fugg out of here before I kill you!" then he called me the N word.. I took off as fast as I could yo.

I almost got caught up over some nookie that wasn't even worth it!


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There aren't exactly a whole lot of people posting crap like this. Only two immediately come to mind (HINT: Their user-names start with L and A, respectively).


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ha... i remember when i used to do this shit... damn yo...

Leftheadlead, you made me realize a part of me has died... damn son....
such imagination and creativity. dust in the wind. fuck..... a damn shame that.

beautiful to see my spirit live on in others though...
KEEP GOIN!!! KEEP TRUCKIN!!! make these mothafuckas recognize your light
and slap dick in their mouths if they keep hatin!

make em scream "put it in my mouth!" like ol girl from the song.

madnis has found his successor, and he don't need no introduction, he
already staked his claim! fuck what ya heard.

young madnis in the buildin!

the boy lefty got my blessin. LET MADNIS SPREAD!


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the real story is he got ass-raped by the cops... but luckily some random ass white boxer dude came with a samurai sword and slashed one of them up.

.... -.-

The boy who cries wolf story applies here so hard lefty's hymen is broken...... Nobody will ever believe a single story posted by that tag on this site EVER AGAIN. I just want to understand if this is doctor recommended stress relief, you are a compulsive liar, or if OP needs to get a gf or something.

And I don't know who the "A" person would be either.... and I too thought to HolyForce and then said "that doesn't begin with an A..." lol


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OP, you're in Austin? Are you not interested in playing this game offline, or what?


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haahahahaha. Dont be so hard on LeftHandLead his threads are funny and entertaining! Sure their very irrelevant and I think a fiction thread for 8wayrun would just about kill the site but I think theres enough room for one guy posting all this random crap. Consider him a funny Gimmick