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Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
My wife LOVES horror movies. Me.....Not so much. But every once in awhile (when I get in trouble) she makes me watch movies with her. Damn I hate it.

So last movies we watched was "The Haunted" (home dude from harry potter is in it). Kinda dumb actually, I thought it was retarded.

But she really loves watching paranormal movies. Specially the "Paranormal Activity" movies. Yall recommend a few of those types of movies (Think like "The grudge" Type stuff) that I can suprise her one day?


Inori DWF

[10] Knight
I get the feeling that Norik has only watched slasher films. It's hard for me to call those horro films at all. They are not scary. Sure it would be scary in real life, but after playing hours and hours of stuff like manhunt, GTA etc just kills all slasher film shock. XD


[10] Knight
Not only that:

- The black guy has a 1/9 survival ratio.
- The latino always dies.
- If there's two chicks, the hot one dies.
- If there's kids, the most adorable dies/becomes possessed.
- The protagonist never dies. Neither does his girl.
- WTF moments never happen at the begging.
- The ending is obvious for like half of the movie.
Don't forget that the asian guy always dies saving someone!


[14] Master
I get the feeling that Norik has only watched slasher films. It's hard for me to call those horro films at all. They are not scary. Sure it would be scary in real life, but after playing hours and hours of stuff like manhunt, GTA etc just kills all slasher film shock. XD
Interesting... I don't like movies like Insidious or Child's Play either anyway, so movies that are somehow meat to scare are just not my thing.

David Blain

[05] Battler
Actually, got bored and watched Nosferatu a few days ago. Kind of liked it.
this movie pleased me with its good following the Slavic legends.
Firstly, vampires in Slavic legends pass through solid objects (through walls, through grave land, through swords and bullets). Most of the second-rate action movies of the Blade type diligently forget this moment.
In this film, the vampire goes through solid objects three times, once - along with his coffin. For Blade, the encounter with such a vampire would end very sadly.
Secondly, cheap movies show vampires who lived hundreds of years without work, like ordinary people. Only in a few cases ("Vampire" of Polidori, for example) , a creature that lived centuries without any occupation, is shown as completely exhausted and tired of such a life.
The third moment that pleased me, as a fan of the "World of Darkness" from the White Wolves. Most vampires from modern cinema are absolutely unable to live in a world where there are professional monster hunters, such as the Leopold Order of the Vampire Masquerade.
Lestat in such a world with difficulty, but would have survived. Louis is such a sadomasochist that most likely he would pierce himself with a stake. About "Twilight", where "innocent and seductive" Bella, loves when her harem fights for the sake of owning a super-female .... I will only say one thing - "innocent" and "seductive" are the opposite words.

So I was very pleased with this movie.

David Blain

[05] Battler
Some time ago I asked a student girl to arrange a survey among the children.
My favorite hero is Vega (SF), his closest analogue in this game is Raphael. The prototype for him was clearly Lestat from the work of Anna Rice.

Lestat in works of Anne Rice is a charming, creative, insatiable, and completely unscrupulous bloodsucker, living under the motto “Food is not to argue with, but to consume!”.
Besides in the movie he is a very soft and censured version of himself. In the book he is much worse – no, he is not ultra-violent. He is just very shameless and thievful. From all characters in fighting games one who is the most similar to Lestat in manners is, surprisingly, Lili from Tekken
When the student asked kids what they associate with combination of charm, shamelessness and insatiability they all together answered – “FOOOX!”.

After that, I became interested, and looked for a few videos on Youtube.
The foxes is very fastidious in eating. If a fox give a choice of several different types of food - she will try each little by little, and then will eat the most delicious.
The fox who sneaked into the chicken coop behaves in a similar pattern. She tries several different chickens, after which she eats the most delicious chicken. In the process of sampling, the chicken coop turns into a mixture of a horror film and an insane circus.
Okay, let's be frank - in comparison with what the fox does in the chick house, many horror films seem like a child's spookytale.

The second interesting moment I met on the fantasy and RPGs forum.
There I saw a dispute "What would be a real world if it had adventurers from fantasy and RPGs"
One of the debaters noted that the model "killed an enemy - got some of his power in the form of an exp" in the real world is most like the cannibals of South America and Oceania
They eat people not because of hunger, but because they believe that they will receive a part of its power. Therefore, they most often eat the soldiers of the enemy tribe, women and children are rarely eaten.
Tourists in those places are warned - if you fall into captivity to cannibals, then the best way to avoid eating is to pretend to be weak and stupid, this will not happen.
According to the man who said this - if in real life there was the possibility of killing an enemy to gain some of his strength, society would quickly become like a society of these cannibals

David Blain

[05] Battler
The Keep (1983, horror\dark fantasy)
The story is based on the F. Paul Wilson novel of the same name

Many years ago there was the power of Light and the power of Darkness. They fought for many years. In the end, they became convinced that they can not kill or imprison each other.
Then they chose the Champions among the mankind - Champion of the Light and Champion of Darkness, the one who wins will determine the destiny of mankind ...
The film begins with the fact that the Nazi looters free the Champion of Darkness

The film is very interesting with very good music from the Tangerine Dream band, and the fact that the games makers recognized that the prototypes for Siegy and Nightmare were Glaeken The Chosen and Molasar

David Blain

[05] Battler
Highly recommend, Mowgli (2018):
This is not a sugary Disney musical, not a Soviet cartoon that is often called "the first Russian anime".
This is a real Kipling's tale, beautiful and scary at the same time, something like a Tim Burton movies. Who has read other Kipling's fairy tales - he will understand me