iagA Help! (solved)


[03] Disciple
Ok, so if anyone's interested, I discovered/created a VERY consistent way to do this without creating any fancy button shortcuts. Message me if you're having trouble with iagA and I'll explain it to you. It should be noted that I play on a stick, not a controller.


[08] Mercenary
How is this marked solved? Lol.

For pad players, at least for me, I map out a shoulder button to a bind like A+B to R1/RB or R2/RT. Then quickly slide my thumb from A to G and hit the shoulder button accordingly. It should register as agA/iagA if fast enough.

For stick players, I assume just having 3 buttons in a row with A G and another A input and gliding across fast enough to register an agA/iagA.


[09] Warrior
I can't find any consistency on it either, is there a timing in between the inputs, or does each input need to be in quick succession?

I've always used 2 face buttons and a shoulder button for it, but i just can't get the timing down for it now.


Pad method, that I've been using since dabbling in the lab with NM (since SC4 onwards)
I set L1 to A+B and slide from A to G with my right thumb and press L1.

Has worked for me, if I'm having an ok day I'd say 7/10 I'll hit a:G:A