[12] Conqueror
Pool 1 have 3 players stand out to me. @Jimbonator Jimmy Mello , @RTD Robert Combs , and @SCPartisan Troy Bobb. The other players in this pool stand little chance of getting out.
Jimbonator has been strong since the beginning, with strong showings consistently. He has even beaten nec15 champion Xephukai, who is the top player in America right now. Jimbonator has been hiatus for almost a year and is now back trying to get a major.
RTD is not to be slept on. . RTD is a living soul Calibur legend, and has been a dominant Force since SC2. However he has also been on hiatus for a while, like jimbonator. This will be a good match to see .
Troy Bobb is not only my favorite in this pool but for the tournament. Partisan outshines 98% of the competition in this tournament. He plays like a machine with optimal punishment, making Pyrrha Omega even more dangerous than she already is. No frame goes unpunished vs Partisan. Tread lightly.

My Picks:
W - Troy Bobb Partisan
L - RTD or Jimmy Mello(hot match)

Pool 2 has the closest skill level between players in one pool. The 2 favorites for winning this pool are DimeSC Fuzion. Fuzion is a old head that has been putting in work and has been getting results. Getting a strong 5th during NEC15 where international competition was present. DimeSC is so solid with Voldo. He is the CEO Champion. Voldo factor is strong.
There are a few wild awards in this pool with @grandmasgotgame and @Sandman Both of them strong players.
My Picks-
W - Bret Lien @Fuzion I believe he could take the win vs DIME. Nobody can touch him in this pool.
L - Larry Wright @DeathInMyEyes DIMESC. Im gonna give this to DIME but GGG and Sandman i can see possibly winning this spot.

Pool 3 my opinion hypest looking pool.
W- Ruben Rivera @Thermidor he hungry to reclaim his throne in Atlanta mode nobody can stop him in this pool.
L -Shinji. This was a very Hard pick. However I am going to go with Shinji Timothy Shinji Collins I think he can beat kAb and that's why I think this pool is the hypest.

Pool 4 Has a monster in this pool that like Partisan can take it all no contest.
Nobody is gonna stop this man @Party Wolf this pool is just gonna be him taking bodies.
The Loser's Spot is gonna be between 2 players. Those 2 players being Kumite 2015 Winner Astaroth, and BoomSoulja.This is another match that i cant wait to see.

W- @Party Wolf (Only Person who could beat this man is Partisan in Pool 1) GF Party Wolf Vs Partisan?
L- Astaroth or Boom Souljah(Hot Match up)

These are just my picks and i could be completely wrong.