[Jan 21, 2012] XANADU GAMES "Farewell SCIV" Tournament (Baltimore, MD)


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Well, it sure has been a while since the UMBC Wednesday Weeklies...

It's time to say "Farewell" to Soul Calibur 4.

And what better way than to hold a final farewell tournament?

Those of you that were around back in the earliest days of MD SC4 know what the events myself and Hudathan ran were all about: Fun, hype, madness, and trolling. UMBC Wednesday Weeklies may be no more, but we're bringing the spirit of those weeklies back on the 21st. This will be the final Sc4 tournament of the DMV area, so it's time to stop hibernating. Come out to say farewell, and hello-- Hello to other DMV players you might not have met yet. They may be your training buddies when SC5 drops. So yes, this is both a farewell and a Meet and Greet. I, for one, know that I know NONE of the newer SC4 players, so I'm looking forward to meeting and greeting.

Enough spiel. Details below.


Xanadu Games
3921 Vero Rd - Suite B
Arbutus, MD 21227

Saturday, January 21st, 2012. 4:00PM (Arrive by 3:30 for sign-ups)

• $5 Venue Fee
• Food and Drinks are allowed in the Venue
• Bring your own controllers/sticks

• $5 Entry Fee.
• Pot Split 70/20/10.
• Double Elimination.
• Character Customization NOT allowed.
• Custom-Created Characters BANNED.
• Bonus Characters BANNED.
• Algol BANNED.
• Hilde BANNED.
• Button Mapping ALLOWED.
• Character lock for Match Winner. Match Loser allowed to change Character.
• All stages ALLOWED.
• Stage select is RANDOM.
• Default Time Limit (60 Seconds).

• There will be one guaranteed SC4 setup.
• Aforementioned setup will have matches played on it recorded.
• If you can bring extra setups, that would be VERY MUCH appreciated.
• Grand Finals will be streamed.

So yeah, come out and have a blast. There will be hype, there will be salt, there will be trolling, and good times will be had by all. This is the time for those of you dormant lying OGs to come back out. This is also the time for NEWCOMERS who are just now joining us for the SC5 train to show up and meet players. Tell your friends about this, and bring them along if you can! There may be some bigger SC-related events and such happening in the DMV in the future, so come out and show that our numbers are still here.

RSVP above.


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It's been confirmed that a grand finals stream is guaranteed! I'll edit the OP with the stream link a little later.


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Hey everyone, long time no speak. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it on Saturday, though I really would like to see everyone (Huda, SWB, Promethius, and others).

I started skydiving last year, and that (as well as snowboarding) are my current top hobbies, far above gaming. I am doing specialized water-landing training Saturday in Fredericksburg, so no chance of making it up to Baltimore in time . . .

Regarding future hangout opportunities, and SC5 play, here are some

I plan to be in the Baltimore / Glen Burnie area Fri - Sun, Jan 27 - 29. My hope is to have the game early, and basically play all weekend. If people want to play, hit me up: misato69@hotmail.com

Fri, Feb 4 - Mon, Feb 6: Buffalo gathering a la Cha Cha (I would like to put a car together to drive up, and save on fuel / toll costs) Again, if you are interested in joining, hit me up: misato69@hotmail.com

Sat, Feb 11 - Tournament at Dave & Busters in White Flint Mall, near Rockville / Bethesda, MD, run by Skisonic & Steve Harrison
See the SRK thread here: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.ph...eries-1-at-dave-busters-kensington-md.152924/


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I've also been doing some snowboarding. So much fun. Strongly considered skydiving, but haven't gotten around to it. I'll contact you about skydiving details sometime soon :)

Good to see you're still around, man! I'll contact you about those event dates as well.


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Hey man, good to see your still alive and kicking together events.

How did things go this past weekend? I didn't see a "tourney results" thread for it. Hopefully a good turnout and a bunch of old heads playing together?

Snowboarding (and skiing) is among the best things ever, for sure. Skydiving could be even better. Hard to say, different strokes for different folks, except me, as I love both.

My car (for a trip to Buffalo to see Brian/Cha-cha, Nick/Godspu, JayShadow, Creep, and others) seems to be filling up fast, so I need anyone interested in joining to contact me ASAP.



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Didn't have enough for a tourney, but we had a solid number of good players to have a good, long session. I capped some vids, which will be uploaded sometime soon.

I'd love to ride up to Buffalo, but I didn't have enough time to request off of work :(
I'd down for sure if there's a second trip.

Jan 27th to 29th, I'm definitely down for sessions. I'll have the game before then, so I'll be itching to play other people as soon as they get their hands on it. I'll send you an e-mail for your address.

Feb 11th, I have a Tekken tourney I'm helping run, but after the tournament, I'll head down to White Flint. I'll probably miss the tourney, but I'll play casuals.

I'm actually thinking of going on a weekend trip up to White Tail for boarding with friends. Haven't been there since '09. It's always good times up there. I've decided I will definitely be skydiving this summer. 100%. Gonna be epic. I wanna try out all sorts of crazy shit. I hear you can try a flying trapeze program out either somewhere in DC or NY, don't remember. I'd like to do that too. We'll see!

I'll e-mail ya in a bit.