[Jan 5, 2013] Madison SCV Tourney #24 TT2 #4 1/5/13 (Madison, WI)


[10] Knight
Welcome back to the stage of history as our Madison, WI SC community begins this New Year, 11 years now? Crazy, HAI HAI. Let's try and prepare for the Wausau tourney that will be coming up next week. We will be playing SCV and Tekken tag 2. Any other games, board games or other fighters, open for suggestions.

Happy Wok:sc5lei1:
17 Eastpark Blvd:sc5nat1:
Madison, WI:sc5vio1:

Time: 4:30pm(casuals):sc5zwe1:
5:30pm soul calibur 5:sc5pyr1:
7:30pm tekken tag 2:sc5pat1:
Entry fee:Free:sc3set1:
Venue fee: Free:sc3tir1:

Please be on time. I really do not like having to waste my own time just waiting for ppl to show up just bc they are too lazy or are late for whatever reasons. Early bird special will get a small reward from Alaska.