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ladder, eh?
look i sold my soul to 8 way run.

(this is haschen btw. haschen is german for bunni)

Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
Follow the white rabbit. Hi!

Off at 4:45 tomorrow but as there's no plans guess I'll go home and SC.

Will post after I get Darth (tonight).

Don't know if a ladder will take away form the fun or not. The jokes flow easier when it's casual.

Maybe hold a comp each time (can be single elims as it's done in Japan) as well so we can have both worlds?


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a ladder or a tourney jr. is cool with me. i dont think it will take away from the fun that much and the matches will definitely be more interesting to watch. either way i cant see it taking more than an hour of our casuals time up and even thats a stretch.

if we do go the small tourney route, single elim with 4 people= 3 matches total. thats as many as a ladder would take so on second thought, maybe we should go with a round-robin style tourney jr., that way we can play everyone and there will be 6 matches total, which is 3 matches each.

edit- bunni welcome! i didnt know you can speak german. i studied for 3 years in hs and never learned how to say rabbit, haha.

Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
Darth plus new stage equals got.

Ya as long as I can play some SC I'm happy so a mini comp is great (each person playin all the others is even better).

Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
morikawa's computer network's down (hope it's up soon man).

Sosuhi was nice to invite us to his house again tonight but unfortunately I told my wife I'd go directly home (and had my son waitin there). Couldn't get a hold of my wife so couldn't do anything (ya this is what comes with marriage).

Wat0son lives far away and couldn't make it in time.

As I speak bunni is there havin some fun playin some SC (How'd it go?).

I asked him to tell us ahead of time next time so that I will be able to tell everyone (I'll post it) and I'll also be able to make plans (and probably go).

Went online. I still feel good, although I feel like throwin my controller through the TV.
Oh well, I'm learnin anger management. Did stay calmer this time.
And hard to do my combos online, in fact it's hard to do anything (except lose)(haha).
Just found out I took off Sat 11/1 for nothin.
In the morn boss will leave for work so probably anytime after 10:00 in the morn SC is a possibility.
Maybe come on Sat and stay over till Sun? Anyone open for some game on Sat too?
And Fri 10/31 evening I'll be busy so won't be able to play any SC that day.


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talimjp- doh, if you only found out you had the 1st off earlier. i emailed a buddy of mine yesterday to get together that day and skate, but he hasnt replied yet. if hes busy i can definitely get some matches in with you from the morning to early afternoon. spending the night is not a possibility... whoo-pish!

Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
Just found out today. Don't exactly know what I'll do Sat, depends on if anyone can make it over here.

Thought stayin here would be easier and save makin the trip (and cost) again the next day but up to you and 'boss'. Just part of the day may be a good idea though (then can do stuff with my son for the other part).

What kinda skatin- do you do tricks? Me and my son skateboard (but no tricks). Maybe we could join ya (but kinda far to go to skate). Do ya go to a special park or just shred (see I'm up with the lingo, haha) the streets?

And watch out for that whip- it really stings.

And I may hafta do somethin in my free time pretty soon to make ends meet if you know what I mean.

SCIV was #5 on XBL last week.

DLd Portal and now my son's playin it.
Deleted it but he had some (free) fun. Too much thinkin for me (haha).

Went online and level upped. Practiced some combos and stuff as well. Went in a room for fun and fought my first Vader (lost). Don't know his moves and will have to get used to him although I don't think many people will use him.


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talimjp- we usually skateboard in a park (not a skate park) in hikarigaoka. if you and your son want to come i'm pretty sure my friend wouldnt mind, but he still hasnt replied yet (usually takes about half a week or so).

we just started doing it couple of years ago (about 20 years too late, haha). so... yeah we're pretty terrible. if by 'do tricks' you mean spend all day falling down and looking stupid while attempting tricks, then... yes! i 'do tricks' all of the time, haha! what kind of boards do you and your son have?

Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
We don't do tricks, just ride.

My son's board is aluminum (!) and it would be good but needs new ('real') wheels (anyone know a skateboard shop?).

Mine is a big downhill board and I really like it. It's easy to ride, quiet and smooth.
I've been ridin since I was a kid. On BMX/bikes I did tricks but not on a board.

My son would like to do/try tricks. His leg still isn't 100% so maybe it isn't a good idea (yet).

The Soul Calibur Universe site has the Legends OST up for free DL:


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I'm for movin back over there, whata you guys/girls think?
i know some of the people from both sites have some beef w/each other, but putting all that stuff aside...

pros of going back-
-my name fits there
-all the sc4 info seems to be there
-no ads
-our thread now has an intimidating angry face for some reason

-it looks like crap
-they are still in the process of setting it up
-there may eventually be ads
-once they get it going it will be like here, but with different people

conclusion- i'd still like to hear other peoples opinions on staying/going and why. I'll post where the most of us want to post, it doesnt matter that much to me if its here or there. although, maybe since this one is more visually appealing, i'd like to say here at least for the time being. meh.

Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
I already started postin over there.
I guess it's like my arcades (Try and Club Sega) and Talim.
That's where I started and that's my home (I'm old school and very loyal. I don't quit easily or give up. Ya, and I'm stubborn and as I'm gettin older it's gettin worse, haha). I don't/won't forget where I came from ('Jenny From The Block' playin in the background).

Ya the purple right arrow turned into an angry face- I left a note to fix it and after they have more free time I'll ask again. It's a pro? haha.

I'm sure they'll get more skins (think they've been workin their butts off doin other stuff).

I think many of the old regulars (some who maybe didn't even come here yet) will be back there again.

Now the mail notification works here again so I'm glad (I don't hafta keep lookin- just need to check my mail).

That said- I do use the Talim Arena more over here (cause this is where almost everyone is postin). I don't mind (and would probably prefer) usin the JP thread over there and the Talim ones over here.


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Hello, anyone here live at Gunma-ken?
I'm living at Gunma-ken, Maebashi-shi (about 3 hours from Tokyo by futsuu-densha).
My PSN ID is Kyokkouha.



[08] Mercenary
Okay thanks.
I'll try to make same posting there ^^;

Ow, Takasaki, it's about 20 minute from my place. Maybe sometime you can go to my place. (^_^)

Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
Ya, you have a stick?

I have work the next day and have to return to my house in Chiba (40 min from Tokyo).
I usually finish at about 4:45...
Guess I'd be better for me to take the Shinkansen back to Tokyo that day.

Maybe sometime on or after 1/9 (I'll be workin out there until sometime in Feb)?

I'll need to be picked up or know which station to go to (think there's a train line near where I work- I go by car to Saitama all the time so don't know anything about Gunma).

Guess any of the details should be PMd (here or in SC.com).