Japanese offical artbook & guide .. Cassandra, Korean, Setsuka, side story


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Just got the book today, I think you will interest ..



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This is Algol witlding the Broken Destiny, isn't it? And that picture below Kilik is a younger Edgemaster? Also, lol at Gisele suddenly adopting Amy's classic colors. If it weren't for her confirmed italian origin, I'd believe the Amy=Viola theory would be weakened by that.


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It's times like these I really wish I could read Japanese. Seems like there's tons of information in this...I hope someone can translate it eventually.


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That artbook makes me long for the past. Also... that chick's holding a crossbow... ;dkgjsgsajelkes CaS plxf kjsdgfsdjlkfsdalkf!
Gomen nasai...


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Soul Calibur's official website was updated with a-Pat profile which explicitly states that is the case.

It's not the best way to randomly explain why Patroklos suddenly started using battoujutsu or put Setsuka into the main story, but they did their best.

That was seriously the only really bad part about SCV's story lol.


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I still want to know what happened to the koreans and cassandra... Does anyone know? Or do we have to wait for the pictures to get fixed/reuploaded?