Japanese offical artbook & guide .. Cassandra, Korean, Setsuka, side story

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    This means many things 1. Sophitia would have stopped aging if she still survived, 2. Pyrrha will stop aging unless she gets killed, and 3. That means Patroklos is a malfested as well, since he is the youngest sibling. This could make a great twist in SCVI.

    This does imply that Sophitia might have killed herself or requested someone to kill her if she did not want to have the SE shard still in her body.
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    This is hilarious
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    this is very interesant...i want to know more of Raph and others characters, like Taki, Nightmare...etc
  4. Wandrian

    Wandrian I don't know.

    Say, what's this about Night Terror and Algol in astral chaos? I'm about ready to lay down money betting that the reason there's no more Night Terror is Algol putting the smack down on that uber badass.

    I wish I could do more than read katakana phonetically :(
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    patroklos malfested + pyrrha malfested + nightmare vs. Siegfried= a good SCVI
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    Funny how you are accusing others of malfestation.
    You're pale and filthy, you must be malfested as well.
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    Who else agrees that Raphael's outfit on the top right would have been a much better 2p outfit than his current one.
    (Attachment 13574)
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    I'm pretty sure the guy in Ivy's profile is meant to be Kong, not Edgemaster. Don't know the translation, but the original text says he "calls himself a man who has been excommunicated", which Kong was (after all that about stealing Soul Calibur off the temple)

    As for Solnhofen, don't know really. Could be him, but that'd imply the Bird of Passage is still active since he wasn't really the top boss, just (one of many?) task force leader. And indeed, Ares is still Palgaea (he's referred by both names in the chart).

    Patt being malfested is said in Elysium's profile, she found a small amount of evil energy within him. But yeah, it could mean Pyrrha may eventually start aging slower if not dealt with, or if she still sports that nifty arm of hers. I want to believe Sophitia may have given up her life to save Pyrrha, which is such a great way to see her go.

    I guess I can have him included with the Taki package, it's not a big profile. If you don't mind waiting.

    STIATG [02] Apprentice

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up. The translations of the profile just said "a man" so I figured it was either Kilik or Edgemaster, but it makes sense that it was Kong. I suppose that confirms that Kong knew just how special the Krita Yuga was. I wonder when/why he went from fighting alongside Hwang and Yi Sun Shin to living in the area of the old temple. But it does set up his finally meeting Xianghua and training Xiba.
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    Damn it.
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    Since Sophy has the evil blood that was passed down onto patroklos and pyrrha that makes them malfested does it not?
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    @ Tuzark_melire : Thanks a bunch for posting the translations for us viewers! We do appreciate your efforts in this matter...! m(_ _)m

    After reading everything that was translated so far, I came up with this conclusion: future storyline implications in the next Soul Calibur games are going to be interesting, to say the least.... Now I'm excited! :D
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    I think Patroklos may not count as a full-blown malfested, Elysium's profile says he only had a bit of evil energy in him and Ivy's SCIV storyline says that people really corrupted by the evil energy can't use Soul Calibur. Which probably means Patroklos would be incapable of doing so if he were malfested.
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    I see You translated a good deal of this book - great job!
    I finally have New Legends. Are there any important parts left, that Tuzark didn't cover already?
    If there is still demand for some passages, and if Tuzark isn't working on them, let me know.


    on a side note, I'm rather disappointed with the book :/
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    What about the book are you disappointed with?
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    Thanks for translating the entire book, Tuzark.
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    So the book is already translated? Good to know, thanks!
    well, it's quite subjective, but in my opinion:
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    I see. Still grappling with myself if I should get it or not...
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