[Jul 23, 2013] "DeusMentes" The French Online Tournament

Hello/Good Evening everybody! How do you do? I'm here to talk a bit about the French event, which shall be set up Tuesday the 23rd, called the "Deusmentes"!

The "Deusmentes" is an online tournament organized by the French community over at SCFR. 13 players (previous victors of a set of weekly FT10s) will be competing two single elimination brackets where they will face off against one another in a FT5 set. This event will be taking place tomorrow at 7:30 GMP (+1) and 1:30PM EST/12:30AM CST/11:30AM MST/10:30AM PST.


1) What is the Deusmentes ?
Allow me to explain what the Deusmentes consists of. To put it simply, this is a French Online Tournament gathering all of the winners of the "Mardi J'te Bourre en 10" series streamed by Deus_Kaliya.

These players will fight each other in 2 pools. Pool A and pool B, will be single elimination FT5's with every fight streamed and recorded for your viewing pleasure. Of course, the players won't be fighting for free! The winner of the Deusmentes will be rewarded with a cash prize of 64€ ! Deus_Kaliya, ITLAU and myself would like to thank all of the contributors (members of Sc.fr) !

2) Who are the players?
Now, let's move on to the players, who are they? Some are quite famous, some are almost promising, some are news on the battlefield and the scene! Yes! Because you are the live spectators!! Of course, the tournament won't be as much as pleasant without you! So, we're counting on you to watch the streams!

Anyway, 13 players won the "Mardi J'te Bourre en 10", and thus are allowed to take part in the Deusmentes!
Allow me to give you the list of the players:
UB | KeeV:sc5nm1: [Nightmare] 1ère place WGC 2012 - 1ère place MLG 2012,...
Grrr | Malek:sc1crv1: : [Cervantes] - Vainqueur de l' EVO 2009 - Elu meilleur joueur PSN - 1ère place à Les Veaux Bordelais 2012,...
Gold Lopez : :sc2maxi1: [Maxi]
Gold Potemkine : :sc1crv1: [Cervantes]
Grrr |Raziel : :sc5sc::sc5pat1: [Alpha Patroklos]
SDF | Maxou : :sc5sc::sc5pat1: [Alpha Patroklos] : Stunfest 2012
AVA| Ahri : :sc5pyr1: [Pyrrha]
Djo ::sc5nm1: [Nightmare]
CN | Kusanagi : :sc5se::sc5pyr1: [Omega Pyrrha] 4ème place WGC 2013
AVA | Ryukozan : :sc5pat1: [Patroklos] - Vainqueur Japan Addict 2011
Bboy-Skyzo ::sc5se::sc5pyr1: [Omega Pyrrha]
Gold Skyll : :sc2yos2: [Yoshimitsu] : 1er Stunfest 2013
CN | Happy : :sc2yos2: [Yoshimitsu]

Here are the links with the brackets:

Bloc A
Bloc B

3) How to watch?
That is quite easy! There will be 2 streams for your own comfort, one stream per bloc so that you can watch the matches you're interested in!
And because we are very concerned about making a great event for you, there will be 2 commentators per stream !

In other words :
- the Bloc A can be watched on http://www.twitch.tv/SCFRpodcast, held by ITLAU and Deus_Kaliya, who'll commentate in French.

- the Bloc B can be watched on http://www.twitch.tv/partisansc, held by Partisan and I'll have the pleasure to commentate this stream at his side, with some French stuff (for Greatone, you fanatic of French-speaking women! :p ) and mostly English stuff. ( Sorry, I want to practice and to improve!)

4) When?
At 7:30 (GMP +1)!!!!!!!!! So for US members...

1:30PM ET/12:30AM CT/11:30AM MT/10:30AM PT.

We await your attendance! Please come watch!

Thanks !

Rosa on SC.fr
Why isn't Skyll using Mitsurugi?
Did Malek drop Ivy?
No Astaroth?????????????????????? :(

Good luck to all the players!

Skyll feels like using Yoshimitsu so let's see how long it will last.

Malek did drop Ivy for Cervantes in Tournament !

I'm sorry but..no Astaroth..=(
First SCV stream I watched in almost a year. It was quite fun. The game still delivers. It is still unclear to me why it faced such a quick and miserable competetive death.

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