[Jul 26, 2014] Soul Legacy: A SC5 Tournament At Arcade Legacy: (Cincinnati, Ohio)

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By Sluch on Jun 23, 2014 at 1:54 AM
  1. Sluch

    Sluch [10] Knight

    What's up everyone!? My name is Sluch & I was posting up to let people know that on Saturday of July 26th, 2014, I & my good friend Jesse will be hosting a Soul Calibur 5 tournament at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is the info for the tournament:

    The Tournament Format & Rules :
    > Double Elimination
    >70%, 20%, & 10% pot split for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places respectively
    > Tournament will be played on the PS3 console & Asus monitors, or monitors/tvs of equal caliber
    > No custom characters
    > No Viola Back Throw Infinite
    > 3 out of 5 rounds per match
    > All sets will be best of 3 out of 5 matches for the whole tournament

    Other Important Details About the Tournament:
    > Venue fee will be $10
    > Entry fee for SC5 tournament will be $10
    > Tournament will start at 2 pm EST
    > Tournament will be held inside of Arcade Legacy
    > Arcade Legacy opens it's doors at 12 pm EST on Saturday, & closes at 1 am EST that day

    If anyone needs info about Arcade Legacy or interested in checking out their website, the following link will help with that:


    SC5 Team Tournament:

    Along with the SC5 Tournament, we will also have a SC5 Team Tournament that day as well. Format & teams for the SC5 Team Tournament will be decided on the day of the tournament.

    Definitely look forward to seeing everyone there for the event. If you have any questions, & can possibly provide extra PS3 systems, monitors, & copies of SC5, post up, & I'll be more than happy to help answer questions, & be appreciative of any help that can be provided. Thank you once again & let's get hype for some Soul Calibur 5.


Discussion in 'Tournament Announcements' started by Sluch, Jun 23, 2014.

    1. Blueboyb
      Awesome! Will this be streamed?
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    2. Mage
      I can promote this to the front page if you'd like?
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    3. xragnarok645x
      My work schedule is unplanned for late July. I'm gonna have to ask my nursing manager if I can have an OFF day for July 26.
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    4. Sluch
      BlueBoyB: We got the means to stream at Arcade Legacy, & we usually stream a lot of our tournaments there, so we should be able to get the tournament streamed. Since my friend Jesse usually deals with the stream stuff, I'll talk to him about that to see if we can get the go-ahead on being able to stream this up.

      Mage: That would be awesome if you can promote this on the front page. Thank you very much if you can rock that out.

      Ragnarok: You NEED to get that day off work Ryan. Lol. I know how it can be sometimes dealing with getting off work on a weekend (I've done it for many years), so hopefully they'll be cool & let you get that day off.
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    5. Mage
      Okay, done. Ask if you need anything else.
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    6. jansauer
      thanks for putting our local on the front page

      ill bring an asus and aps3
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    7. Mage
      Well I offered and he accepted, the front page has hardly been used for ages anyway.
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    8. GranmasGotGame
      I'm there yo
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    9. TiZ
      You'd better, son!

      I will be there to scrub it up and go 1-2! :v
    10. FenrisZero
      High Hopes You Have TiZ.
    11. fukou_da_man
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    12. Sluch
      Mage: Thanks once again for posting this up on the front page.

      Jansauer: Thanks Eric for helping out with supplying a monitor & PS3 for the tournament. We'll rock out some beer at Rooster's once again after all the tournament stuff is over. Lol.
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    13. CaptainBoomz
      Extra Monitors? Does that mean we have to bring our TV sets too?
    14. Sluch
      You do not have to bring any monitors or systems CaptainBoomz. It's merely put down as a suggested courtesy for helping out with the tournament if anybody participating could bring an Asus monitor, PS3, & a copy of SC5 if they can. That is all.

      One more thing, most people know this that participate in tournaments, but if you're attending, it's a BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) event. No controllers or arcade sticks will be provided for tournament play, so remember to bring your own controller or arcade stick to play on.
    15. CaptainBoomz
      Speaking of Cincinnati Ohio. There's a well-developed story that takes place in the 1930's. It's about a man named William Briscot moving with his wife and three children into Cincinnati Ohio. The most interesting part of the story to me involves the three children. It was 2 daughters and a son. You won't believe how crazy the youngest daughter is. What many people knows already is the hardship in raising children. I have seen so many parents with these children that didn't know how to behave correctly and were so out of control lol, it's like gosh! Is this the value of being family oriented? But that isn't even the best part of it.

      One of the daughters. A mouthy little thing made up a rumor about an outhouse. An outhouse is one of the small cubicle things that haves a toilet in it. You basically see them around construction sites nowadays. She made up a rumor saying the outhouse is cursed. Like whenever someone goes in, something happens like people are never seen again a few days after and then things were actually starting to happen that way which changed a lot of things. That's basically what the story is called. The Outhouse. In the building in which the family stayed, they didn't have bathrooms and they had to use an outhouse.

      Here's the link to the video which displays the intro-> and the main site is also displayed on the video. Any kind of support and regards will be appreciated and I hope that anyone will find it interesting to learn more about it.
      Not gonna lie, I'm tempted to try and make this if I can get up there, though I'm relatively rusty over the last 8mos
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    17. Zane
      return of the Apprentice brothers? but in SCV? :D B&D4L
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    18. Sluch
      Hope you can make it there Tanhausser. It'd be awesome to get some SC5 matches in with ya again. It's been a bit.
      B&D4L foshooo!! I've been meaning to pick my game up again, so I'll proly make a decision last min if my prep holds c:

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