Kilik world top players


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I played some cool guys kilik on the online (fotd + asura dance, good punishs , good moves, nice mind games etc etc)
but there are very few(maybe 2 or 3)
For the offline players i know
kura , hayate, something unique, oofmatic (type their name on utube to find them)

i think i forgot some other players, but i dont know them all so i'd like to hear any suggestions.


I will show you...
A lot of good players (not just Kilik) can't make it offline due to a variety of issues. From what you've posted, you have a good list of people to learn from. You can never go wrong with Oofmatic - he's a dedicated and good guy. With some upcoming tournaments, you might want to wait and just see what becomes apparent.


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i am obviously the best kilik as i have kilik in my user name. (even though i havent played him since 2)

seriously, stupid thread gets stupid answer. best player of any character is so subjective. too many criteria to judge. is it the most succesful tournament player? the one who has advanced the character the most by finding new strats and techniques? is it the best at kilik on kilik mirror matches?

the world may never know.


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Figures nobody would think of me.

You'll probably want to add "wing_zero" and "ShadowFox" to your list.


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Ryujin made nats so im guessing him too, i actually like threads like this, its similar with what that guy on TZ did to get opinions on who the best of each character is, or multiple players who bring out the character potential , if i judge best i go by tourney , they dont necessarily gotta take 1st but consistent top 5 is good
i got Something-Unique Wing_Zero Ryujin cause these the ones that maee nats, then yea Fox, Hayate ect. Kilik is a beast character but few can use him good


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i'm not up there with the others mentioned but i'm no slouch with him either lol. i never really liked Kilik till i played a friend i met on Live named OneMarvelous. This guy is amazing with Kilik and Sieg and seeing him rape me numerous times with him i decided to give him a shot. turns out he is a blast to play and not just a button mashing character. he can be that but to pull off his top moves (FOTD, ASURA) you really have to practice. a joy to play.


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French players Graaft and Saunic are also pretty good with Kilik but I don't think they're on video. They like to lay low ^^ (Saunic plays more SF4, and Graaft is on XBL a lot)


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I didn't even know SCIV evolved to the point where there are "world top players." I thought we just made a list of the top 10 best players in each competitive country and then called it quits.


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I didn't even know SCIV evolved to the point where there are "world top players." I thought we just made a list of the top 10 best players in each competitive country and then called it quits.

the title is maybe too much
sorry guys
just wanted to share some infos about it with other kilik players here in order to discover some cool players i didnt knew .
it was just something like that , dont need to insult me lol


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I played graaft offline too ^^ He's definitely good, but not scary like he is online. Not that he abuses lag with 2A+K or whatever, but offline can step properly and stuff, which is essential vs. Kilik and rebalances the match quite a bit.


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I want to play all of you top kiliks and learn!!!

My Kilik fights a little weird (but still effectively) b/c I kind of had to figure things out on my own without the opportunity of learning from skilled kilik players. (I am retarded, i just discovered all the kilik videos recently)

So now it's like, when I see people play kilik in these videos, it's like..a complete bizarro alternate universe..


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don t forget me i do a lot of FOTD and asura GB lol
ps: i m sad something unique u don t do online now (on the psn)?if you com again add me !


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I know this thread is old but fogive me. I have only just found out about the site. I am a avvid Kilik player and have been since 1, on the topic of world class players. I dnt think u can judge it that way, i agree with a few ppl in this thread. It all comes down to skill and precision, if you know the moves thats all good but putting them together is where the fun is. Now am not gonna come on and say am world class cause am not. I know am not, but i'd like to have that status of ppl saying it and mentioning my name. The only way to do that is by fighting the best so if anyone wud like to have some player matches then feel free. Am on XBL my gamertag is Malik Freaborne. So add me and stuff am always willing to learn.


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The only Kilik player I say who's really good or has proven himself so would be Something_Unique.

Online players, I wouldn't classify as top offline players since online is a whole different game than offline, but I'm not implying that they're gonna be weak offline itz just that we never know until PROVEN OTHERWISE.

As much as ppl believe these online players can play so well offline, I on the other hand REFUSE TO BELIEVE till I see that they played enough offline tournies continuously.

As for OOFMATIC, sure his Kilik is good, I've seen him use Kilik in a few offline tournies but I wouldn't consider his Kilik top because unlike Something_Unique, OOF sometimes uses other characters (Kilik being one of them).


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We generally don't 'rate' players based on online, Kilik, as it's nowhere near a representation of general skill, knowledge of the game, or much of how the game plays offline.


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Again i agree with you. But due to restrictions on being able to actually meet any of you it can't be proven. Althouth i wud love the oppoutunity to show off what i have learned. And i agree i prefer offline play to online and i fight compleatly diffrent offline to online.